Lacey is a champion figure skater. She is also a crazy directioner! What will happen when her and her BFF Molly go skating and see One Direction? What will happen when Lacey falls for one of the boys


6. don't know what to call chapter✌️

"Can you teach me to skate please?" Louis asked me nervously.

"I WOULD L-O-V-E TO!" I squealed

We skated off leaving the others behind. I thought him the simple backward skating he was really good! The rink was closing now and I needed to peel Molly away from Liam. They were having a full on make out time. Ew.

"Lacie!" I heard someone call I turned to see Louis running over to me. "Can I get your number? And would you like to come to Starbucks once I've peeled Liam off Molly!" I laughed and gave Louis my phone.

"MARSHMELLOW!" I shouted at Molly (her nickname) she responded and I told her I would meet her at Starbucks.

Soz✌️ if this chapters boring need to go to sleep its 4:00 am!

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