GSA News Aritcle

An article I wrote for the school paper about the GSA


1. GSA News Article

The GSA (Gender and Sexualities Aligned) has been working on many things since the school year started. We have been trying to spread the word about the club meetings which are on Wednesdays and Thursdays during STEP.

    The name Gender and Sexualities Aligned is a new name. It used to be called Gay Straight Alliance. Since the name change, I have heard more people openly talking about the club, and being more comfortable with coming out to the club. Before the name change, people showed up and didn’t participate as much as they do now.

    We have been working with Mr. Obermeyer and more recently Mr. Geremia and Mr. Garbus to work with other teachers about inappropriate name calling inside and outside the classroom.

    “I just think the people will look at it a different way.” Anonymous says, who is a seventh grader, about the name change. We hope to see you at the next meeting on Wednesday in Mr. Garbus’ room!

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