Thank You

For the valentine's day competition :) I wrote this quickly today for someone I'll always love and I wanted to say thank you for that. This poem shows how you'll always be by my side throughout my life :)


1. Thank You


Puffing out my chest, I give you the valentine's card I made in art.

The teacher scowls at my misspelling, glue still running down the heart,

However you just laugh, displaying it on the fridge with pride,

Engulfing me in one of those hugs where no sadness could ever hide.

I wrote a poem for you, one which I’d be glad to give my signature,

Today at school, following Sir's instructions in English literature.

Most thought they were too old for this task, preferring to focus on their mocks,

Your smile makes it worthwhile as you lock it safe in your jewellery box.

Held strong in his arms, I hold and kiss the one I’ll forever call mine,

I spent all my money on our dinner and of course a little red wine.

But I don't forget you, baking your favourite chocolate fudge cake,

Along with a blue bracelet from work that took all month for me to make.


I hold my son close to me this time, who’s suffered his first heartbreak,

I try to say some wise words, but I only spill a tear for his heart’s sake.

Since you always know what to do when life decides to throw some hurt our way,

A trip to see you, I know, will always turn the world to colour from grey.

I've brought flowers this year, lily's, roses and sweetpeas all held to my chest,

Locked in my hands safe, I’ll never understand why I deserved someone so blessed

To stand by my side. We smile up to the blue skies and listen to birds,

Singing sweetly, like what we could never do! I’ll always, always, remember these words:


I just hope you understand how true,

My gratitude and love is for you,


Thank you Mum







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