Can You Save Me From the Mean Girls (Demi Lovato&Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Demi Lovato was best friends with Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. When they went to high school her friends became popular and bullied her. But she never told anyone about her family and what they did to her she only told Lea Michele her best friend who moved away to follow her dream. But when she meet the guy she likes Louis Tomlinson. Will he save her from her family and the bullies?
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4. Chapter 4

Hey, how do you guys like the story? I know it's not that good but I try. I get so many ideas everyday and I really never write that much. But if you like it tell me please? Also, sorry for the bad grammar I'm really not good at that.... 


Louis P.O.V.
I was driving about 2 hours now and I’m so hungry. “Louis I think you are not okay. I can see it you can tell me. I have so many family problems that you wouldn’t believe or understand.” She looks down thinking about her family I can see it in her face. “Last night I felt safe for the first time in my whole life and I want to thank you for that. I trust you a lot Louis I really do and I think I can tell you about my family.” I look her she trusts me and I made her feel safe. I am happy that I do that. “It all started when I was born. My mum had me when she was 16 she hated me since the day I was born. She said I ruined her life. While it was my fault she did have me and I ruined her childhood.” What the hell it wasn’t her fault. “Demi your mother made the wrong choose in life not you. She wanted to have sex and she did it. But I’m happy you came into the world.” She looked down. “I guess. I’m not worth it to the world.” She is worth it! “Louis my family hates me if I died they wouldn’t be at my funeral. I will never get married or have kids Louis. Everyone thinks I’m ugly and fat! My mum let a guy kidnapped me and I got raped multiple times.” She stops and tries not to cry. But she just broke down. I don’t know what to say. “Then I have to go to school with my ex best friends that hate me for no reason. They left me for popularity I’m so happy I never told them about my life. I only told Lea. Lea would only be there fake friend to see what they say about me. They said some pretty bad things.” She looks up me with her puffy eyes and tears coming down her face. I stop the car and turn it off I wipe the tears off her face. “Demi you may have a bad life. But you are strong and you fight. The nights you cry show you are a fighter. You are worth it to the world. Never let anyone in the world tell you’re not. People are jealous of you when they say mean stuff to you.  When you they see you care they are happy. But when they see that you don’t they know you are better than them. That will make you a better person and you will always feel happy. You never want to be sad in life because if you do you will always feel empty, and I know you don’t want to feel like that anymore.” Demi looks at me and she sees that I am right. She smiles and then hugs me. “Thank for saying those kind words Louis. No one ever said anything nice to me or called me beautiful.” She pauses for a second. “But Louis I don’t believe you. I will never believe anyone.” I just look at her and then my phone rings. I see it was Liam I forgot about him. I turned on the car.
We go into Nandos looking for Liam. He not here yet, we sit down at a table. “Demi you will love Liam he is so sweet.” She smiles. I love when she smiles. I love seeing her dimples. “Hey Louis and you must be Demi it is really nice to meet you.” Liam says sitting down. “Sorry I’m late some old guy was asking for money and I had to give him 10 dollars. He look so hungry, I hate seeing people living on the street.”
Demi P.O.V.
Liam is such a sweet guy I love that he helps people out. “Awe, that is so sweet of you. You must like to help people out a lot.” He nods his head. “So how is it not being at school?” Louis said to Liam. “It’s pretty amazing not seeing those boys ever again.” Liam said. Wait what? “Liam what do you mean ever again?” Louis look said confused. “Well I bought a house out here because I don’t want to go back. I was thinking all last night when you messaged me to come to meet you for the first time. I don’t ever want to go back. I didn’t leave a note because I don’t want my family looking for me. If you want Louis you can live with me.” He looks at him. I feel so awkward and weird. My phone rings and I see it’s my mum. I’m scared to answer it. The two boys are looking at me like ‘Are you going to answer it?’ I pick up my phone. “Hello?” I said nervously. “WHERE ARE YOU DEMI?! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! GET YOUR ASS HOME YOU BRAT!” I try not to tear. “U-uh I w-will be t-there in f-fe-“ I get cut off. “DON’T TALK LIKE THAT! TALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” She yelled. “I am out with my friends. You can’t tell me what to do!” I hung up the phone. Oh god I can’t go home later. I look at Louis and start crying. He comes and hugs me. I really hate my life.
We walked into Liam house and it was big maybe that’s why he wants Louis to live with him. I go to sit on the couch and it was the softest thing I ever been on. I smiled and closed my eyes. “Loving the couch?” Liam said laughing. “Yes don’t judge me.” I told him. I just thought what I did before to my mother. When I get home I am going to be in so much trouble. “I have to go home before I get into more trouble. Louis I wish I never slept over your house and didn’t skip school. Take me home now!” I get my things and run out the door waiting by his car. Louis comes to his car and he drives. We didn’t talk at all when he took me. I walked out of the car and went into my house. It was dark, thank god that my family isn’t home. I turn on the light and I see my family standing there. I think they were waiting for me. “Mum what’s up?” I said nervously. I am going to die right here right now. “Demi go to your room now! You are not allowed to eat, go out, you have to clean the whole house, and you can’t skip school ever or be late!” she yelled. I can’t go back there I’m going to get hurt. “But mum!” I argued with her. “YOU DON’T YELL AT ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT WHO RUINED MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE! I WISH I NEVER GAVE BRITH TO YOU! YOU WERE AN UGLY BABY AND YOU ARE STILL UGLY! NOW GO UP TO YOUR ROOM!” she slaps me really hard. Trying to hold back to tears but I couldn’t. “You are going to cry now?! Well I don’t give a shit.” She starts kicking me and punching me till I black out.


Sorry I did't make this chapter long but hope you like. 
I think this story is going to be like 10 or 15 chapters long. It's going to be a short story.

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