The Marked

It was a snowy, cloudy day. Jen went to see the wall, that was parting the world since 400 years, with her boyfriend. And than... the unexpected happened...


2. The stream

She got out off the car in front of the gate and told the driver to leave. She didn’t know anyone here. She decided to walk around the fance and hide in the snowy forest. She wondered if she’ll find any shelter of food. She needed to survive till the  morning. The winter twilight faded all the colours around her. Jen was walking along a thin stream thas was slowly flowing along the briches.  Finally she sat down and put her hand into the cold water. She still felt the pain the liqiuds had caused her. Four hundred years ago when the marked appeared the wall had been built. They wasn’t any different from the other people except of the small black mark on their left wrist.  But that’s why the were left into suffer on the other side of the wall. They were exluded from society. Jen felt starnge. She wasn’t safe yet. Every second someone could discover where she’s from and send her back to Nick. She felt somenone's glance. She turned around. There was a big house on the other side of the glade. In one of the windows she notoced a boy. His face was white as snow. He had black hair and big eyes.  Jen got up. She decided to run, but something told her she should stay. She sat back and put her hand into the steam. After a moment a man aproached her. He was wearing monk robes. 

„I’m iviting you to the house” he siad. Jen got up.

The sky was getting darker. She walked with the man to the house. The warm inside was so pleasant, because she was so frozen. The hall was big and filled with decorations. The pale boy was standing on the satirs. He was very thin.

„Hello” said Jen.

„Come with me” said the boy.

Jen went up to the second floor. The boy led her to the room he was observing her from. He was dressed all in white.

„I’m Jona” he said.

„Jen” she looked at him.

He was supposed to be the president after his father. He was a member of the reachest family on the planet.

„Are you from there”  asked the boy

„No” Jen felt fear.

„I saw you putting your hand into the steam. You want to get rid of the mark” he muttered.

„No” Jen felt she must run. She looked around looking for soemthing heavy she can attack the boy with.

„Show me your hand” he said.

Jen stretched her hand to him. The mark wasn’t there yet. But the darkness could fill the room in every second.

„Strange. I know you’re from there” muttered Jona.

Jen hid her hand. 

„If I were from there”  Jen looked him in the eyes.

„That’s good. You’ll help me” muttered Jona.

„How” Jen looked at her hand.

He dark mark apperad on her skin and was getting blacker. Jen hated it. It was the symbol of who she was.

„I want to go to the other side and you’ll help me” Jona looked at her.

„I’m not going back” screamed Jen walking back.

Now when the mark was burning on her body she couldn’t hide anymore.

„I can ask the guards to come and kill you. I won’t do it if you’ll help me. I’ll tell evryone that I know you. And after our return you can live here safely” Jen felt pain. It wasn’t a fair deal. If Nick finds her.

„You have no choice” muttered Jona.

Jen knew it.

„Ok” she said „When are we setting off”

„In two days” Jona looked through the window.

„I’ll call the servats the’ll take you to your room and give you better clothes” Jen groand.

But she couldn’t do anything . She was all in his power.  




Beach, sun, clubs. Palms on the streets. Maiami was looking great from the 39th floor. He looked at his reflection in the mirror when he danced. He liked himself, maybe a little bit too much. But lately he felt worse. He was living in the best place. The whole coast, every hotel belonged to his father. 

„Jona’s clling” Marti his butler went to the room

„One day I won’t find you in this big house”

„Turn the speakerphone on” he muttered „Hi brother” he siad turning the radio down. He was dancing for twenty years, now he was twenty four years old.

„Are you alone” Jona sounded serious as always

„Nearly” he looked at the butler and the man quickly closed the door behind him.

„You can talk, bro” he put his hair straight in the mirror.

„I got a ticket to the other side” Jona’svoice was emotional for the first time.

„You’re still thinking abot it” he groaned.

They had everything here, but Jona decided to go on the other side to the world of the marked.

„We can be killed” he said seriously.

„Listen. I got a guide who is one of them” Jona whispered.

„No” he felt fear. He never thought the’ll do it. „Jona, me…. my brother” he started and stopped.

„His father will take care of him” said Jona.

„ Yes, he will” he whispered.

„Be in my hose tomorrow morning” Jona finnished the call.Max sighed. He heard thet there was only one man, called Hunter, who cuold sneak on the other side and return alive. For big money he took people to the other side but his mission ended right behind the wall. So from that moment everone was on their own. No one knew how Hunter looked like or if he’s even existing, but  Jona decided to find him. If he had suceeded they were already dead.

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