The Caliente Affairs - Christmas Eve

The final part of Volume One. On Christmas Eve, the strain begins to show on relationships in Pleasantview. Dina Caliente finds herself still stuck on past mistakes; tempers flare between Don Lothario and Nina Caliente; Alexander Goth visits his sister and feels out of place. Angela Pleasant faces the reality that she cannot have both Dustin Broke and her dream of travelling the world. And by the end of the day, only one of these relationships will survive...


7. Fallen

Don had been thinking about his relationship with Nina for forty-minutes before he decided to come back to the house. He assumed that Nina was at work - that way he could think about it some more in the peace and solitude of his own house... or was it even my house anymore, he asked himself. Maybe he would also use the time to pack up some of his belongings and leave. Surely it wouldn’t come to that, he once again asked himself. He was so confused; one part of him wanted the same things Nina wanted - marriage, kids, and all the added extras. But then the other part had to question everything - will I be able to provide for my child? Am I throwing my life away? So many questions; luckily he had the time to rationally think things through. But before Don realised it, time was up, and he had to make a decision now, before Nina’s time ran out. Don didn’t know what had happened, he had just walked through the front door to be greeted by Nina lying awkwardly on the floor. Crying out her name, he ran over to her lifeless body and checked for signs of breathing. She was, but her breath was like a whisper of wind on a hot summer’s day. Quickly, Don rushed for the phone and demanded an ambulance. When Don came back to where Nina was laid, he began to sob - unable to physically do anything but wait for an ambulance.


It had now been over an hour since Angela Pleasant had witnessed her ex-boyfriend in the arms of her sister. She had ran up to her room and burst into tears, but after ten minutes, she composed herself and checked to see if Lilith was in her bedroom. She wasn’t, but Angela was most certainly not going to discuss this downstairs in front of her parents. So back in her bedroom she went; ten minutes later, she checked to see if Lilith was there, and she repeated this, almost like clockwork, until Lilith was finally in her room. “Can I come in?” She asked, though didn't wait for an answer. Lilith paused for a moment, and with a slight quiver, she answered.
“What do you want?” Angela could see past her facade, and she was sure Lilith knew this, so why should she pretend?
“I want to know why you were kissing my boyfriend?” Lilith turned away but glanced at Angela from the side.
“Ex-boyfriend.” She corrected her sister. Angela half-heartedly laughed in disbelief.
“You think that makes a goddamn bit of difference?” She yelled. Lilith threw her hands up in defence.
“Look, I don’t know what you think you saw, but me and Dustin did not kiss.”
“I can’t believe you’re denying it.” Angela said. Lilith’s eyes fell to the floor, as she confessed.
“I’m telling you the truth, Dustin went to kiss me, but I refused...” Angela put her hands up to stop Lilith.
“Whoa, whoa! Wait, Dustin tried to kiss you?” Angela asked. Lilith paused and tried not to anger her sister.
“This isn’t about blame...”
“The hell it isn’t! You know, I knew that after everything we’ve been through lately, you wouldn’t stoop this low.” Angela said, as she finally got the answers she had been waiting for. Lilith sighed and corrected her sister.
“That’s not technically true.” Lilith began, as Angela looked on in confusion. “I sort of am... in love with Dustin.” Lilith ashamedly admitted to her sister. Angela screamed through gritted teeth and punched her hand whilst shouting at Lilith.
“Five times, I asked you. I asked you if you liked him because I knew that you did and I knew that if I could just get you to admit this to me, we wouldn’t have to go through all of this.” Angela revealed to her sister.
“That’s not true, I wouldn’t have admitted this at all before today because I didn’t feel the way I do now.” Lilith told her sister in all honesty.
“Stop it! When I broke up with Dustin, he was ready to leave and never come back. But you chose that exact moment to make your move on him.” Angela theorised.
“That’s not true! I didn’t have to make any moves on him, he did it all by himself.” Lilith replied to her sisters accusations.
“So you admit that you had moves to make!” Angela trapped Lilith, as she let out an exasperated groan.
“That’s not what I meant, you’re only hearing what you want to hear and it’s not the truth.” Lilith told her sister in desperation.
“So what is the truth?!” Angela exasperatedly asked, but the room feel silent. Catching her breath, Lilith walked over to her bed and relaxed. Angela joined her and sat on the end. Finally, though very quiet, Lilith told her sister the truth.
“We’re in love.” she admitted. Angela looked at her sister confused. She couldn’t be angry. Angela knew how her sister felt long before Lilith had even realised. But to propose that they were in love, 
it’s just ridiculous.
“You’re not in love.” She told Lilith.
“You don’t know the way he looks at me. The way he looked at me today and practically professed his love for me.”
“Um, I think would know because I sure as hell have been seeing you looking at him like that for the past two months.” Angela shot back.
“He obviously had to hide it when you were around so you wouldn’t get hurt.”
“Stop it.” Angela asked her sister.
“If you could have just seen his face after you broke up with him, he couldn’t hide it any longer.”
“Stop it.” Angela asked once again.
“He looked into my eyes when I comforted him and we just knew...”
“Stop it!” Angela screamed. “He is not in love with you.” Angela told her sister.
“I know it’s messed up, but I can’t deny how I feel.” Lilith pleaded with her sister.
“And Dustin? You sit here and confidently assume what he’s feeling, but you don’t know that.” Angela reminded her sister.
“I know.” She claimed. “I also know that, despite all of this, I chose not to kiss him because you’re my sister and your feelings come first.” Angela rolled her eyes.
“Oh, so I should be thanking you for not sticking your tongue down my boyfriend’s throat.” Angela sarcastically replied.
“It’s not like that.” Lilith replied.
“Then what is it like? Because it sure as hell sounds like you want me to congratulate you for not kissing my boyfriend.” Angela explained to Lilith.
“He’s your ex, don’t forget what you did to him. He came to me because I was his friend and he needed comforting. I can’t help the way he feels about me.”
Angela groaned, as she felt herself going round in circles. 
“But that’s just it, you don’t know how he feels.”
“And you do?” Lilith challenged.
“I thought I did.” Angela slipped out, revealing more at this moment in time to her sister than she would have liked too.
The room fell silent again, until Lilith sighed. 
“So what do we do now?”

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