Adopted By 1D

My name is Claire and I live in an orphanage I get bullied on a regular basis and I'm 12. I get adopted by one direction.

So keep reading if you want to find out my story.


1. Prologue

Hi my name is Claire and I'm 12 yrs old I live in an orphanage called Sunshine Orphanage. I love to play the piano and I sing a little but people say I have a horrible voice so I rarely sing. I am a fan of one direction but I don't stalk them so if I was out and I saw them I could not point them out. Well that's all I think I need to tell you know. Oh wait I forgot to tell you I have brown wavy hair, I'm tannish color, and I have greenish-blueish eyes. That's all about me oh yeah I forgot to mention that I self harm. Since I get bullied at school and at the orphanage. K bye talk to u soon.

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