Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez



Bradley's p.o.v

"Morning." I heard a beautiful Australian/little American accent. "Morning gorgeous." I couldn't instantly tell it was Caitlin. "What's the time?" "Bradley. Don't be lazy. Do it yourself." My face went straight to a puppy dog face. "Please." "Oh you thought I was serious?" "What?" "Im not that mean Bradley. You really think I would be that mean because you asked for the time when your still in bed. C'mon." I smiled and she smiled back. "Time?" "9:45am" "ugh. Mornings." "At least I'm here." "Again ugh." "OH MY GOD (OMG) BRADLEY!! How nice are you!" She didn't shout but she had a little bit of a raise in her tone. "I'm joking. Come here." "No I'm sad." "Your more special then you think." "Not to this person I'm not." She grabs her phone out of her pocket and shows me another text from an unknown person. She sat next to me while I stayed laying down.

Unknown- Don't ignore my text you fat mother fucker. Your not special so don't think you will get away with this. Trust me your gonna leave him.

"Don't worry Caity." She started to tear up. Who is this. I'm guessing it's a girl. Or a gay guy. Most likely a girl. "I'm gonna get dressed. "Okay cait." "She picked out some light blue high wasted shorts and a light pink crop tee. She got out her short white socks and her black conversers. She got changed in front of me. I had to look away. :( I was on my phone actually. I texted the random number and said to stop texting. When I thought Caitlin was dressed. She had just a bra and shorts on. "Hottie." "Bradley. Pervert." I chuckled and she put her crop tee on. She went into the bathroom after putting her socks and shoes on. She brushed her teeth and did her hair in a high pony tail. She had very long brown wavy hair so it looked gorgeous! She did her makeup. She put black stuff on her eye lashes and some foundation on. She put pinkish crap on her cheeks and some clear sparkle lip gloss. She walked out of the bathroom and she looked DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! "Babe?" "Yes bad Brad?" "Can I just tell you, you look amazing." "I didn't even try." "But you look good." She started to blush and looked away. "Can you give me my phone back now please." "Yeah go ahead. I'm done texting that unknown number." "Okay cool. Now get out of bed!" "Have you had breakfast Caity?" "Yes. Why?" "Just wondering. I'm hungry." "I'll tell you what. I'll take you out. If you eat all your food. And be good. I'll give you a surprise when we get home." She winked at me and smiled. I smiled back at Caitlin. I had a guess but don't think it's gonna happen. "Deal." "Now get up!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of bed. "Come onnnn. You want it? The surprise is gonna be gone." "Finee." She let go of my hand and I got out. I put on a white and black shirt on. I put on some dark denim jeans on. I also put on white socks and my black vans on. Caitlin was already down stairs. I fixed my curls and grabbed my phone. I walked downstairs and saw Caitlin. "Kiss?" I asked Caitlin. "Why not?" She gave me a kiss and it started getting passionately. She pulls her lips off mine. "It had to end?" "Yes Bradley." "1 more?" "Fine." She kissed me again and kept going deeper and deeper. I kissed back of course. I quickly went down to her neck. I kissed her neck light and gentle. Making sure I didn't give her a hickey. She gave out a small moan. I went up to her lips again and kissed her. She pulls apart. "You said-" "I knowwww." "But. It wAs good." "Good. I tried." "Hah baby." She pecked me with her lips and grabbed her keys. We got a taxi to McDonald's and we went inside McDonalds. I ordered myself a double burger and a large coke. Caitlin didn't order anything besides $1 fries. She kept drinking out of my coke. We finished and we walked home. "So do I get a surprise?" "Bradley. Have you been good?" "Yes!" "Then." "Ya yay!!" She laughed and it was funny how she was insecure about her laugh. I smirked and she kept her eyes on the road. I kissed her cheek and she blushed. We finally got home and she unlocked the door. I closed the door behind me. She turned around and kissed me passionately. Deeper and deeper.

Caitlin's p.o.v

I kissed Bradley passionately and deep. Deeper and deeper it got. He kissed me back. My hands went around his neck and his arms went around my waist. I pulled off him. "Let's go upstairs." I grinned.

Bradley's p.o.v

She took my hand and walked up stairs. She was in front. I shut the door behind me. She kissed again even more passionately. I pulled apart and kissed her neck making her moan. I went to her shoulder and kissed her shoulder. She played with my curls while I kissed her. I made my way back to her lips and kissed them. "I-love-you." She moaned while saying it. "I love you too." I pulled apart and said it. "You mean it?" "Of course I do sexy." "Let's get busy." She said it so sexy. I pushed her on the bed and kissed her everywhere. "Your turn." She said winking at me. She went on top off me. She kissed my face all around then she kissed my lips deeply. She took my top off. She stared at my bare chest and abs. She kissed my shoulder. I moan quietly but she heard. She kissed my lips then my phone rang. She got off me and I went to pick it up. It was the unknown. "BRADLEY DUMP HER NOW! YOUR MINE!! PLEASE LOVE MEEEE!" I hung up. She was on speaker so Caitlin heard. "Who was that?" "Idk Cait." "HMMM." I kissed her lips. We spent the rest of the day going shopping, watching movies, doing stuff...(wink) 😘 xox

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