Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


10. I've Caught You.

Caitlin's p.o.v

3 girls came walking through. 1 was girl was blonde. 2 we're brown hair. They look at Brad straight away. "I'm Amanda." The blonde one was Amanda. She walks up to Brad and sits next to him. "Well he's mine." "Liar." "Brad." "It's true she's my girlfriend." "Are you Dracy?" She nodds her head. DARCY I HATEYOU SO MUCH ILL KILL U!! I got angrier and Brad could tell. We made eye contact. I gave Brad the I'm angry face. I crossed my arms and went to the staff room. Darcy's the one who sent me those texts and kept calling me. I went on my phone and went on Instagram. I got the notification from Brads tag.

@caitlinrodriguez- @bradleywillsimpson I love you more then the world! I love u to the Moon and back! Never let me go. 👌😘❤️ xxx Caity.

I felt like crying. Darcy will ruin my life. I know it. "Caitlin." I knew that voice. I turn around and see Emma. "Work now." "I might aswell quit." I was shocked myself saying it. I love this job. Emma and I were pretty close. Outside work we sometimes hung out. She's older so I look up to her a lot. She has gingery hair. Greenish eyes. "Why?!" "The blonde one out there. Brads ex. Brads my boyfriend." "So what is she doing?" "Taking him away. Look at the texts." I showed Emma the texts and how many times shes called me. Emma is like my older sister. She takes care of everything bad of mine. I'm always there for her and she's there for me. "That bitch." She said it quietly. "I know." I frowned. I got a request on Instagram. Mine is on private.

@DarcyJay wants to follow you.

I accepted her. "Why'd you do that's?" "Because then she can be jealous if how much Brad and I love each other!" "Good girl. I taught you well" we both laughed and I went back out there. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!! I will die!

Kissing on the seat. Darcy and and and and BRAD! I almost fainted. "BRAD!!" I shouted angrily. I went into the staff room and grabbed my bag. I walked out and ran out of the store. I was DEAD furious. They were making out. Like that's what Brad and I do. I'm not putting up with this shit. I ran home. I didn't give a shit about the world. I got home and unlocked the door. I shut up and put my bag down. I was crying. I got my phone out and went on Instagram. I posted a pic of me crying but in a model style. I wrote.

@Caitlinrodriguez- Hate Everything in the world right now. I don't give a shit about you. I loved you but right now. I hate you. 😪 😭 P.S yes I am really crying. Bye.

I turned off my phone and grabbed Brads bag. I out my phone in my pocket and walked out the door. I got a taxi this time and went to work. I saw Brad crying. I didn't walk in. I ease dropped though. "I think, I think I've messed up. She's gone. I've lost her. She's probably committing suicide for all I know." Flashbacks occurred. When I was 11 I committed suicide. Young I know. When I was 10 I got my period and shit. I committed suicide at 11 because life sucked. I felt like running home and getting a razor. It might be the rift answer for me. I've Caught him. Darcy was rolling her eyes. Brad sat down and cried more. He went on his phone and went on Instagram. He typed me up and saw the picture I posted. "UGH! FUCK YOU DARCY! NO WONDER I BROKE YOUR FUCKEN HEART! YOUR A BITCH!" Bradley shouted. I started crying again. He means the world to me. See him do that makes me realise that he loves me but he's hurt me too much. Maybe I'm not his future wife after all. I cried more. I sat down on the ground until Brad walked out the door. "Brad." "Caitlin!" I stood up straight away. "What's my bag...No. I hurt you that bad. You want me out." "It's for the best Brad. Darcy seemed to have good lips." I said sarcastically. "Actually you do." "Take your bag. Just leave me alone. I think we need to-" "NO! I'm not letting you go. I promise myself I was never letting you go. I can't either. Your too special to me. I love you. I'm calling a taxi." We got a taxi home. (With his bag) I walked into the bathroom got the razor. I felt sick and everything was blurry I suddenly saw black.

Brads p.o.v

Caitlin rushed upstairs to the bathroom. I put my bag away and I shut the door. I walked upstairs to see Caitlin on the floor cuts on her wrist from a razor which left blood. I started to cry. "No. Caitlin why?" I whispered to myself. Caitlin told me on Facebook when we had never met that she never wanted to comitted suicide unless something was really bad and she had never done it before in teenager years. She's only ever committed suicide when she was 11 or 10 pretty sure 11 but might be 10.I'm the reason why she did this. I called the ambulance straight away. They finally came and took her away. I came with them obviously. They put her in a bed. "When do you think she will be awake?" I asked so nervously. "She will wake up soon. You can try waking her up of your that desperate. She would wake up right away I'm pretty sure. But before waking her up we are gonna put plaster on her arm so she doesn't look at it." "Okay thanks." After they put it on I tried waking her up. "Caitlin." "BRad I'm so sorry." "You remembered." "Yup." She said popping the "P" trying to pretend she was okay. "Why would you do this? Actually don't answer that. Look she pulled me into the kiss. She was French kissing me and I couldn't push her. Her 2 friends were under the table making sure I don't leave. So if I do they can trip me over or something. I'm sorry but you promised me you would never do this." I stood up from the seat I sat in and walked out of the room. I was mad at her and myself. "Hi sir, are you Mr Simspson?" The nurse said. I said Caitlin was Mrs Simpson and I'm Mr. "Yes, why?" "Mrs Simpson will be out in a second." "Thanks." I went into Caitlin's hospital room. I say "Hey, how you going?" Caitlin was crying. "Why are your crying?!" She looks at me.

Hey guy so I hope you like my little cliff hanger. It's a 3 day weekend because we have a public holiday tomorrow so that's why I've been making a lot of fan Fics lately. My birthday Is on the 11th of March and today is the 9th so I will be starting a birthday fan fiction! Okay so byee! 🌚

From author Courtney.

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