Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


6. I'm there 4 you.

Caitlin's p.o.v

I decided to go for a run. "Going out for a run. You coming?" I asked Bradley sexually. He laughed, it's so cute. "Why not?" He said sexually back. I got changed into my Nike Pro Sports Bra. It had my name written across it with the nike logo ✔️. I got it made for me from Nike! I put on my black nike pro shorts on and my old running shoes from target. Bradley saw my 6 pack. It wasn't shown completely but it was coming threw. "Damn." I laughed. He smiled. He wore his black Nike Pro Shorts ASWELL and his white nike pro tank top. ✔️. He put on his black worn out shoes and we took our phones. I put my in my bra. (Pretty worthy.) he put his in is arm cast thing. We didn't take earphones because we had each other to talk to. "Let's go." I said and we walked downstairs. I locked the door and we started to run. Not fast but not slow. Just at our own past. Which was the same. We went to Starbucks, which it was not 11:20. I got a chocolate lattè. Brad got the same as myself. "You copying me mate?" "Shut up." He said it playfully. He kissed me when we sat down waiting for our drinks. "Love u." He said before pecking me with his lips. "Love u too." Our drinks were ready. We paid and that. We left Starbucks and started Running. We finished our drinks and put them in the bin that we past. We started running home. We stopped and sat on the path. He kissed my lips. I couldn't help but kiss back. It was 11:47 btw. He let go and went on his phone. I did aswell. I went on Instagram and took a picture if Brad and myself. He was smiling and I was kissing his cheek. #withthisfag Just with @bradleywillsimpson we are running in NIKE PRO! Got a six pack. He won't stop staring. #helovesit just got Starbucks! After I posted that I posted the picture I took of Bradley and I drink Starbucks at Starbucks before we left to run again. #starbuckslover Guys I'm officially married to Starbucks. 😘 Love you @Starbucks @bradleywillsimpson I um. Sorry I um um ummm I just um. #idkaboutus. Hehe. Love u.

He quickly commented and liked.

@bradleywillsimpson- #yourafag. You know you love me.

@CaitlinRodriguez- #yourafagyourself I don't. I married to Starbucks. God.

@Bradleywillsimpson- Thought you loved me. Cheater. #ilovedyou

@CaitlinRodriguez- I do, don't worry. #loveyou xoxo Caitlin. Sitting next to you.

@bradleywillsimpson- Xoxo Love you too. #loveyou

We got off our phones and we started running homes. It's 11:59. We got home at 12:10 so we got changed into our clothes again and ate some food. We had toast and we lied down on my bed. I was so bored all though there was so much shit we could do. I needed to get changed back into my clothes so I did. Not infringe of Brad though. He got changed ASWELL. He went down stairs since now it's 1:10. So we have a long time till we go and see Amy. "I'm so bored Caitlin." "I'm Sorry." "For what?" He asked kindve concerned. "For making you bored." "Only just now." "Oh do you don't mean the whole trip?" "Never." I smiled and he smiled back. "I love you Caity." "I love you to bad Brad." He chuckled before smashing his lips on mine. He kissed them passionately and deeply. His tounge asked so I let his tongue through my mouth. He Let Go and said "I know what we can do." He said it sexually and took me upstairs. I heard my phone ringing. I let go of brads warm hand and ran in front of him. I went into my room and answered my phone. "Hello?" "Hello this is Caitlin?" "Yes this is Caitlin." "Caitlin Rodriguez?" "Yes. Why?" "Your dating Bradley?" "Yes!! His mine! I love him. Now what's with the questions!?" "Well Bradley was mine. Until you took him away from me. Soon he'll be mine so stop. Just brake his heart. For me." "NO STOP! WHO ARE YOU!!! I DONT KNOW YOU SO STOP TEXTING SND CALLING BRAD AND MYSELF!! LEAVE US ALONE YOU UGH! BYE!" I hung up. I didn't feel in the mood to do anything. Bradley's mine and only mine. "Caitlin are you okay? What was that about?" "The bitch on the phone was being a bitch and trying to take you away from me." "What was her na-" my phone rang again. "I'm not picking it up Brad." "I will don't worry." He answered my phone.

Bradley's p.o.v

I answered Caitlin's phone. She was angry so I will do this. I put it on speaker and sat next to Caitlin on her bed. "Hello." "Hello Brad!?" "Yes. Who's this?" "I'm Darcy." "Darcy who?" "Darcy Jay! You dated me around exactly 5 months ago. You said in your own words "I'm braking up with you for another girl. She's got brown long wavy hair, she's gorgeous and her names Caitlin." I saw Caitlin smile. "You said that?" She mouthed to me. "Yes." I mouthed back. She kissed me and made the noise at the end. "DID SHE KISS YOU!?" "Yeah, she's my girlfriend. I love her." "I love you too Brad." "FUCK OFF! BRAD YOUR MINE!" "Go suck a truck." I hung up and Caitlin and I laughed our heads off! "See just act like you don't care. You wi-" "act? You acted?" "When I said like go suck a truck. I don't care about her. I care about you though.

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