Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


8. I'll Leave now.

Brads p.o.v

She has to work. Caitlin's working on my 2nx last day. "I thought we could have, you know some fun tonight? I guess not now." She Made my milkshake and made herself one. "I feel like the baddest girlfriend." "No no no no no. That's not what I meant." She finished making her milkshake. She walked upstairs and sat on the last step so she was looking down. "I want to stop but I have to work. I don't know what to do." "Neither-" she cut my off. "EXTRA DAY! Stay 1 extra day! Please please please!" "I can't babe, the band. I mean I would love to stay but I do have to practise." "If you loved me that much you would stay an extra day." She said it quietly then drank her milkshake. "I love you with all my heart." "Sarcastically Bradley said." "Caitlin. That was sarcastic. I meant it." "Then stay." "There's still 1 more day I'm here. Well half." "Stay stay stay stay." "I can't CAITLIN! I have a band! OTS NOT MY FAULT YOU HAVE TO WORK!" I shouted at Caitlin. Caitlin's eyes started tearing up. I felt so bad. "Caitlin, no. I didn't mean to do that. Please. No no no." "Whatever Brad." Caitlin pushes me out of the way lightly not too much. She walks downstairs and goes into the kitchen. Still crying. I follow behind her. "Caitlin." "DONT!" She shouts at me. I now felt like crying. I walked off to the stairs and walked up them. I went to Caitlin's room where I stayed. My bag laid on the floor. Some of my clothes were on the ground. I picked them up and stuffed them into my bag. I should leave now.

Caitlin's p.o.v

I was still crying. I felt like shit. I pulled out my phone and went to the couch. I went I twitter and tweeted

@CaitlinRodriguez- Feel like Shit. I just want you to stay.

I heard Brads phone beep since I tweeted and he got the notifications. I heard it from upstairs since my room door was opened. I got a notification from Brad.

@Bradleywillsimpson- @CaitlinRodriguez It's my fault you feel that way. I never meant to say that.

That minute every second my phone went off with notifications from people tweeting me. They were like what happened with Brad and Caity. #DRAMALIFE I got so sad. I heard banging so I turned around. Bradley? Brad stood there, gorgeous as always. He had his hair up and he looked like a model! He was with ... His bag? "Brad?" "I'm leaving tonight." I cried more. More and more. "I didn't want to think about how much I hurt you. I should leave, so you can work and get some rest. You need to be with your friends." "What so I won't have 1 more night with my babe?" "Your coming back at 3:00 in the morning. I'll be asleep. I have a big day tomorrow. I should leave now so-" "no Brad. Put the bag down. I'll quit." "No no no." "Well if you leave, I'll quit. I want to be with you forever. But I can't have that." He put his bag down.

Brads p.o.v

I put my bag down. I stood there. I felt like an idiot. "Babe. Don't worry. You did hurt me, but that's life. I always get hurt so don't worry." "Well I'm meant to protect you from getting hurt. All I'm doing is making you hurt." Caitlin got up from the couch and walked over to me. She have me a hug. I hugged her back. She was cold. Then she became warm. I kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." "Brad, don't worry. I love you." "I love you too." I smiled to myself as she let go. "Kiiiiiiiiiiis?" "Bad Brad never says no." I gave her a passionate kiss then let go. "Love u." We watched a movie then it was time for Caitlin to get ready. It was 10:20pm so she needed to get ready. She worked at Starbucks so I got a discount aswell. "I'll visit you." "Brad go to bed. When I get home-" "you wake me up, when you get home. I what this last night to be the best night." "Okay. Sure?" "Positive." ❤️ she gave me a kiss and headed out the door.

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