Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


7. I swear I'm Done.

Caitlin's p.o.v

It finally got to the point where it was Amy knocking at the door shouting CAITLIN AND HER LOVER CAITLIN AND HER LOVER! Every second. Brad and I grabbed our phones and ran downstairs. I grabbed my house keys and walked out the door with ma baby. "Finally." "Shut upppp Amy. Lol." I locked my house door and walked with Amy and Brad to the movies. "Mhm oh yeah." He moaned in my ear. I giggled and went to his ear. "Oh yes yes! Ohhhh. Ugh. Mhhh." I let go and kissed his cheek. "Teaser." He said not even whispering. "What?" Amy turned around. "Uhh. I mean. Thank you." Brad stuttered. "For what?" Amy's on to us! "FOR taking us to the movies!" I jumped into the conversation. "No worries guys. Haven't seen you for ages and I haven't met him yet!" She laughed and we pretend to laugh. We got to the movies and Brad was holding my hand and just let go. I frowned. "Stop it Caity. I'll hold it in a second." I frowned and crossed my arms. "Caitlin." He put his hand on my shoulder. "I can't hold it if I can't get to it." "Why'd you let go?" "Idk." "Well I don't want to hold it now." He took his hand off my shoulder. He walked to Amy. He put his arm around her waist. WHAT!!! I uncrossed my arms and stared at them. He didn't take it away. She finally got to the desk. He didn't remove his his arm at all. I listened to what they said. "Are you two going on a date tonight?" WHAT THE HELL!!! HES MINE! "Um." Bradley said it so weirdly. Like he was hiding something. I walked up to them. I pushed into the middle. "Brad what are you doing? Btw ... Clair I'm his girlfriend Caitlin's my name." "Excuse is she your ex?" "Brad!" I looked at him angrily. I stormed out of the line and out of the cinema. I didn't want to go home. Well I did but I was bored of that house. I ran to the closest Starbucks which was just across the road from the cinema. I saw Bradley and Amy laughing along the road. UGH!!! I HATE AMY! I saw Amy kiss her on Bradley's cheek. I walked out of Starbucks. Bradley and I made eye contact. I felt like crying. "Caitlin!" Brad ran up to me. I started walking away. He made me turn around. "Stop BRAD! Please. Go date Amy. Im moving away from you. Wait why? You leave tomorrow. Or TONIGHT!" "Caitlin's stop it." "No you stop it! All you have done today since we got to the movies was be around Amy. She said I was your ex! You know what goodbye." "DONT CAITLIN PLEASE! ILL EXPLAIN IT." I was already walking away till I stop. "Fine. Explain why Amy kissed you on your cheek. Explain why you had your arm around Her waist. Now explain why I'm angry at you." "She kissed me because she was reallly happy. Idk why she kissed me but I'm guessing she was happy. I had my arm around her because we are planning something for you." "I don't want anything." Well Caitlin you know you want something. Ugh don't be greedy Caitlin. You have everything you need. Nothing more. "Wait." "Yeh?" "You only met Amy today. So how could you be planning something when you never were there without me?" I was furious. Can I kill him! "Well how Brad!? HOW!" "WHEN YOU WENT TO THE TOILET! SHE WALKED UP TO ME AND TOLD ME WE SHOULD GIVE YOU A SUPRISE!!" "YOU KNOW I HATE SUPRISES!" No you don't Caitlin. I lied to my boyfriend. "YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT! I ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU LOVED EM!" I was about to black out. I was tired. Worst day and he leaves tomorrow. "I swear Brad." "Swear what?" "I swear I'm done." I walked off with my Starbucks. I had a sip every now and then but I felt like sleeping and never waking up. So technically dying. I decided to text Abby. Amy and Abby are like mental Bestfriends. They were in every single class together in primary school and high school. Even kindagarten.

Me- Hey Abby, wanna meet up?

Abby- I'm with my boyfriend. He's about to leave so yeah sure.

Me- Amy stole mine.

Abby- WHAT! AMY? It's obviously not her.

Me- Talk about it when you get here.

Abby- Okay where?

Me- Well I was a Starbucks and I have a drink so I don't want to look like a Starbucks pig so maybe McDonalds?

Abby- MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!

Me- Lol okay.

Abby- I love you no matter what.

Me- Your talking about McDonalds aren't you.

Abby- You know me so well.

Me- Yep.

Abby- Seeya soon. He just left.

Me- Okay byes :)

Abby- Bye :)

I waited about 10 minutes until I saw Abby. "Hey!" She screamed and hugged me. "Hey!" I missed her so much. Haven't seen her for ages. We talked about what happen between Brad, Amy and I. "Amy. I can't believe her. She's my Bestfriend sister." "It hurts I know." "I'm sorry I brought that up. Just gonna go to the toilet." She left the table.

Okay so I guess you want to know what happen. So my Bestfriend like Amy and Abby. She died. She died on the last day of school. At exactly 3:45pm on a Tuesday. She was my Bestfriend sister because we were always sleeping over at each other's so we practically became family then her mother does in a car crash and her farther tried beating the shit outta her. So she lived with my mother, brother and me! Then she died. I was so sad. Every time I think about it. It hurts. I started tearing up. I wanted to hug someone. Mostly Brad but I was so disappointed in him. Why did I say yes when he asked me out. I bar- well I know him but I mean ugh idk what I mean. "Caity! Are you okay." Abby said as she sat down. She came over to my side and she hugged me. "Don't worry sexy." "I'm so sad." "Don't worry!" That moment the bad thing happened. They walked in. Brad and Amy walk in McDonalds. Holding hands! WTF. Abby let's go of me and I let go of her. "Don't worry Caitlin." "He's cheating on me?" I whispered to myself but Abby heard. I stared at Bradley. "Caitlin you will find-" "I won't be able to. I will probably find another cheater. I will have to move now." "What why!?" She kinda shouted. Abby stood up and crossed her arms. "Your not moving anywhere." Brad instantly looked at me. I looked at him then at my feet. "I have to." I responded so weakly. "Why!" "Because I will be around Amy and Brad! I'm always gonna be around the guy I loved. And around the girl I was Bestfriends with." "She's not a Bestfriend anymore." Holy shit. Abby said that for real? "Abby?" "She's dating my Bestfriends boyfriend. She's not a real lover of sheeps.

Inside joke.

"Abby. You can't do this." "I can. I'm not going to be Bestfriends with a slut or a cheater." "True." I looked at Abby and I took her hand that was waiting for me to hold it. We held hands and I started crying. I looked at Brad 1 last time. "Goodbye." I mouthed the words. "Caitlin!!" He shouted as Abby and I walked out of mcdonalds. "Caitlin!!" "Caitln!!!" I turned around letting go of Abby's hand. "ABBY!!" "ABBBBBBBY!" "GO AWAY AMY!"

This Is some intense shit going on.

"Abby this isn't what you think. Caitlin's this isn't what you think."

Bradley's p.o.v

I'm about to die. Aren't i?

"Caitlin I'm not dating her. I'm dating you. I think I still am. Look we were holding hands because of me." "No shit." She respond, not weakly but confidently and proudly. "Look I was holding her hand because I was scared. I was nervous. We made a surprise of got you a surprise whatever. I'm nervousness because I don't think you'll like it. Amy isn't dating me. Abby listen aswell. I'm not dating her. She's not dating me. Make up please. She needs you." "No Caitlin-" "Caitlin needs me." Abby signs. "No." Caitlin. Shit. "No what." "No I don't need you. I need your lips to be on mine. Right now." Caitlin responds and kisses me standing on her tippy toes. We let go. "Are we?" "When were we not dating?" I smiled and kissed her again. I let go. "Abby. Be hers again. I guess I'll find another girl." Caity said it so sweetly. She needed a Bestfriend bit idk any girls. Actually I do. Hmm brads up to something yay!! "Fine. Amy will you-" "YES!!" They hugged each other and said bye to us. Amy told Abby about Caitlin's surprise we are giving her. "Caitlin I'm sorry."

Caitlin's p.o.v

"Caitlin I'm sorry." "It's okay baby." He kissed me. I love you. Wait why am I thinking it. "I love you." "Love you too." He kissed me again! "Let's go home." "Okay." We took a taxi home. I was a little angry but I mean it's our last day tomorrow. My phone started ringing. I answered. "Hello?" "Caitlin, do you think you could work tonight. You haven't worked all week." "Hey Emma. Ive just had family over. I still do but I'll see if I can." "Well you could loose your job. There's a lot of people coming in for training. Like 4-5 so you might be put as a cook." "I can work." "Register?" "Yep." "Okay bye Caitlin." "Seeya." She hung up. I sighed. Brad pairs the taxi and we got out...since we were home. We walked to the door, holding hands. I let go and unlocked the door. Brad shut it and walked over to me who was now sitting on the couch. "What's wrong beautiful?" "Never mind." I avoid it. I'm not letting him know. I'll work 3am to maybe 7:45am. He never wakes up that early. I'll make up a- "I know there's something." He interrupted my thoughts. He'll end up NOT knowing. "Brad, I'm serious. Believe me. I'm fine." I got up and went to make some chocolate milkshakes. I got a new milkshake maker and I want to use it. I got ice cream and milk, also chocolate topping out and put it in the cup that was provided with the milkshaker. I put some chocolate flake in there to give it some Yum. (Idk) I put it in the milkshaker thing and it made a really loud noise. He walks up to me. Brad tried talking but I pretended not to hear him. "CAITLIN!!!" He shouts. I turned it off. "No need to shout." "Your bothered by something. Your not mad. Your not sad. I know it has to be bothered." "Fine!" UGH CAITLIN!! YOU LET IT OUT! That moment Emma called me. She's 20 and she's my boss. She's so nice and really gorgeous. "Hello?" I pick up my phone and answer it. "Caitlin time?" "Can I work maybe 10:35 to something?" "Sure 4:00am is the latest." "Maybe like 3:00?" "Okay." "Bye." She hung up on me. "Work?" "Yeh. IM SOOOO SORRY! I tried not going, but I haven't worked all week.

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