Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


11. Don't leave me.

Brads p.o.v

What did I do? She's crying.

"What did I do?" She tried to stop crying. "What do u think Sherlock?!" I Walked out of the room again. 2 minutes later she was walking out of the room. I held the hand that wasn't stitched. I kissed her cheek as we checked out and walked out of the hospital. It was a quite ride home. We got out of taxi after paying and we walked inside. She sat down on the couch and I sat next to her. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for anything like this to happen. I just wanted you to see you while you work. See how good you were. I screwed everything up. I'm sorry. I love you still." She smiled and gave me a kiss. "I love you to." We walked to Starbucks to see Emma. We hoped that Darcy and her minions weren't there. Before we left I wrote a message on her plaster. I wrote

Dear Caitlin, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I know I've made mistakes but we have over come them. I don't know where i would be without you. You make everything special for me especially ;) I promise I will be there until the end.

I love you. Love from your babe, Brad ❤️

Then I drew a heart and coloured it in. We walked to Starbucks while holding hands. We reached Starbucks and Emma was there. "Emma?" We walked in and Caitlin whispered for her name. "Oh Cait! How ware you? What hsppened?" "A little trip to the hospital is what happened." I barged into the conversation. We told Emma what happened and made some Starbucks (yes we paid, but a lower price!!) then we walked home with Emma.

Hey guys! So I have 15 fans and I need at least 20 by Tuesday!! Make this happen for me. I need you. You are my ... Idk but I need you! Thanks for reading and sorry this chapter was short but I have cheerleading and jazz tonight so sorry!! Bye!! Comment anything that I should do for the enemy chapter or should I end it! Byee! Xxx

Love author courtney.

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