Wild Heart

Bradley Will Simpson
Caitlin Jesse Rodriguez


1. Caitlin meets him.

Caitlin's p.o.v

Today I was meeting Bradley Will Simpson! We met over Facebook and today I finally meet him! I'm so so excited! We have been talking on Facebook for around 4-5 months. I couldn't wait!!! I also had a tiny crush on Bradley.

I live in CALIFORNIA and he lives in England. He is taking the plane here and then we meet at The airport. He texted me on Facebook.

Brad- hey I'm on my way. Just landed. :)

Me- Can't Wait!

Brad- neither can I. ;)

Me- your adorable btw.

Brad- so are you.

Me- Stop lying I hate it.

Brad- HEHE. Wait I'm not lying.

Me- Yes you are.

Brad- Where Are you?

Me- Well ... I SEE YOU!



I started to run up to him through the people. I shouted Brad and ran into his arms! "BRAD!!!" I was in His arms! "Is it really you Caitlin?!" He says to me. "Yep." I respond by popping the 'p'. "Where's your car?" "Umm mate I don't own one." I looked at the ground. "Your such an Australian person for an America girl." He said to me. "No wonder I'm from Australia. Moved here when I was 11" "cute." "Let's take a..." "Taxi!" "Yeah!" We took the taxi to my house. He was staying at my house which I didn't mind. I HATE people sleeping at my house unless it's my Bestfriend or my boyfriend. Maybe a guy that I like. I also don't mind for a sleepover or party. We got to my house and Brad offered to pay. He's in The Vamps band so I was quite excited to meet the others one day. I unlocked my door and and we walked inside. I closed the door after Brad walked through. He was staying in California for 5 days and 4 nights. "Where am I sleeping?" "The couch, I don't want you sleeping on my bed, only coz your a pig!" I laughed and he pretended to be hurt but couldn't help to smile. "I'm not a pig! I took a shower!" "Sure Bradley. Lie. It's okay." "Your one cheeky monkey!" His British accent made me smile more. Knowing I actually had a boy in my house was amazing! I kept laughing and Brad was running after me. I was running up and down the stairs, all around the house while he ran after me. He tripped over his luggage he had lying on the floor next to the couch. "Ouch." "Omg babe!" I can't believe I said that! Why I called him babe, I'm not sure!! I'm so scared. What will he think. I like him but idk if he likes me. "Help me please." "Sure!" I walked over to him and helped him up. He had his arm over his shoulder, my hand around his waist and I walked him to the couch. I made him sit down and I sat down next to him. I put my hand on my thigh and his hand landed on top of mine. "I'm sorry, I didn't mea-" "you didn't do anything Caitlin. I'm the clumsy one here." "Sorry Bradley." "For nothing." I smiled and blushed. "Your eyes are so beautiful." I looked at him and and then looked away when he said my eyes were beautiful. My eyes are light blue. But you could definitely tell they were a blue. "Stop." I looked at him and said it. "I mean it." I blushed more. My cheeks start Heating up to a red. "Your so nice." "No worries." "I meant thanks." "I know." He put his hand in my and locked our fingers together. We were now holding each other's hand. The tv wasn't on it was so quiet. The lights were on but only 2 the kitchen and lounge/living room. He leaned forward. He kept coming closer to me.



He's coming.

He's kissing me.

Do I kiss back???



He cuts my thoughts by pushing his lips against mine. I had to kiss back. I have been wanting this for AGES! I wanted this kiss. I can't believe it. He kissed me on the cheek at the airport and in the taxi but we just met. I kiss back. We pull apart. I let go of his hands. It felt so right. I felt butterflies in my stomach every time he touches me, kisses me, looks at me. Anything he does to me. I get butterflies. But the good butterflies. I got up and started walking to the kitchen which wasn't far. I was at the kitchen bench and he walked to the other side of the kitchen side. He sat on the stool. He was in pain when he was walking. But not a lot. "I'm sorry Caitlin." I put my head in my hands facing him. "Don't be." "But I am." "Why?" "Because we just met and we all over each other. Well I am all over you." "Bradley." "No I'm sorry." "Stop apologising." He looks at his feet. I felt so bad. But I loved the kiss. It was just too early. Is it weird that his lips were so soft that I wanted to kiss them again but it was just too early? "It was just earlier then I expected. I was expecting a kiss but not today. I surprised me that's all." I started tearing up. You could tell. My makeup will smudge but IDC. I felt bad and I'm staying with Bradley. Whether he likes it or not! "Don't cry." He looks up at him and sees some tears falling down my eyes to my cheek. "I feel too bad. I'm so mean." "No.No. No. Your gorgeous Caitlin don't worry! Your surprised, I get it." "It's also like my 1st time." "Wait what?" "It's my first time getting a real proper kiss that actually meant something." "You never had a kiss?" "I have but I've been used. I'm quite gullible when it comes to boys. They can trick me like that!" I clicked my fingers still crying. "That's cute, let's go wash yourself off. Your makeup is dripping. It looks like your goth. Your mascara has just gone BLAH." I giggled and he smiled. "Your gonna hurt your leg thing." "It doesn't hurt that much now." "Sure?" "Positive." He got off the stool and we went upstairs to the bathroom which was connected to my room. So we went in my room then across to the bathroom. I washed my makeup and fixed it while Brad sat on my bed and waited for me. He stared at me and I didn't notice. "Done!" I said to him. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and got up from my bed. He walked over to me and put his head on mine. If we kissed standing I would be on my tippy toes. He's that tall compared to me! "I'm sorry." He whispers. "For doing this?" I kissed him. I put his hands around his neck and stood of my tippy toes. I just had to do it now. I crashed my lips on his and he kissed me back. I let go and smiled. I wasn't surprised this time. Coz I did it and if he kisses me back I'll be ready. Hopefully. Later that day we just unpacked. He was sleeping in my bed. ;) I was kinda happy. I'm sleeping with the future famous boy. He made his song Can We Dance and he invited me to go to London with him for the music video for Can We Dance! It was 9:30 and I felt like going to bed. Such a day. I went into the bathroom and got in my pjs. My pjs are, gingerbread people high wasted shorts that her soft, with a white THE VAMPS singlet I made myself. I walk out of the bathroom and see Brad staring at me. His eyes widened. He was checking me out. From bottom to top. "I would've love to seen that." "Pervert." I giggled and he smiled. Bradley took his top off and I stared. My eyes went open. His abs surprised me. They were fully beautiful. Just like his eyes and personality. "Stop staring at me." "Why?" I smiled. "It's creepy." "Oh so when you stare it's fine, but when I stare it's creepy?" "Hah, your cute." He smiled and chuckled. He went into the bathroom to put on some pj pants on. He walks out with black pj pants on. "Ready?" He said to me smiling. I was confused. "For what?" "This." He walks up to me. Crashes his soft pinky lips onto mine. Soft at first and it gets deeper. I kiss back. I pull apart. "That was a nice surprise." "Liked it?" "Loved it." I smiled and he smiled back. "Bradley?" "Yes." "I know this might sound- actually don't worry." "No tell me Caity." "Nah."

I was so confused, are we together or not? There were so many things I was confused about I just.

"Tell me Caity." He sits down besides me. "I'm confused that's all." "About what?" He just had to ask that didn't he!? "About..us." "What about us?" "If we are li-" "together?" "Yeah." "Well I haven't asked you out. Yet." "Yet?" "Never know." We both smiled. I put my arms around his neck. His arms went around my waist. We were both Sitting on my bed still. I lean forward and kiss him. I went deeper and started passionately kissing him. I teased him. I let go of his lips and got up. "Let's go." "Teaser." "I'm known for it." I giggled and he smiled. He took my hand. I let go. "Let me hold it!" He winged. "Why?" "I want to keep them warm." I had to admit. His hands were soooo warm. "It's bed time." I got into bed. "Come in Baby Brad." "Fine." He hopped in behind me. I turned around so I was facing him. "Caitlin?" "Yes Brad?" "Your eyes are wow." He whispers. "Thanks gorgeous, yours too." "I turned around so my back was facing his face. "Bad Brad go to bed". "I've been a bad bad boy. Whispering rude things in her ear." He quoted on his own song. I giggle and smiled. He couldn't see my smile but he could hear my laugh. "Are you quoting on your own songs Brad?" "Maybe." "Goodnight Brad." "Uh. Bad Brad. I like that name you gave me." "Okay then. Goodnight bad Brad." I said in sarcasm voice. "Goodnight Caitlin. He kisses my back. I smiled to myself and drifted to sleep with Bradley's arm over my waist.

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