I Thought You Were Mine

Sequel to Do You Love Me Draco it's Ginny's third year at Hogwarts and Draco's fourth and in the Triwizard Tornement Ginny kind of has a thing for Harry. Draco isn't happy so he puts Harry's name in the cup in order to get him killed.


2. The Triwizard Tornament

Draco's P.O.V

At Hogwarts Dumbledore announced that this year our school is holding the triwizard tornament. It was where 3 students from 3 different schools would compete in 3 deadly tasks. The 3 schools competing were Durmstrang, Beubatons and Hogwarts. You could only put your name in the goblet of fire if you were 17 or over only 7th years here. Anyway the 4 champions were Cederic Diggory {Hogwarts} Fleaur Delacure {Beubatons}Viktor Krum{Durmstrang} and Harry Potter {Hogwarts} Harry's name accidentally came out of the goblet. He didn't put it in he couldn't. Dumbledore put an age spell around the goblet so that nobody over the age of 17 could enter. Maybe I got someone to put his name in for me because I wanted to see what happened. But I didn't know his name would come out did I. Now since his name's come out Ginny's had the hots for Harry. Curse my idiotic plan! But Ginny is still my girlfriend. The tornament is gonna start in a few days YAY! {SARCASTIC MOMENT} I just hope that my dumb joke isn't a waste of space.

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