a new strat (punk niall)

hi my names Molly McDaniel I just moved to a new school because my parents wanted me to try and get away from my troubled past....... but what happens when she meets someone who brings back her old habits


9. 5

Harry's pov

I couldn't stop staring at her she's just so beautiful I doubt she's noticed me I know she know who Niall is but then again who doesn't know who he is. I turn and look at Niall. Great he's looking at her too if I want her to be mine I have to make my move soon or he might come in sweep her off her feet then drop her like he dose with every girl. Then most of them want nothing to do with the rest of us boys no matter how hard we try. God why can't I just be the guy all the girls want that would be great. I felt something hit my head bringing me out of my day dream. It's a note. I open it. It's from Molly. "Why do you keep starting at me." Oh shit she's noticed me looking at her I quickly write "sorry I was daydreaming" hoping she wouldn't know I was dreaming about her. And I threw it back

Molly's pov

I felt something hit my back. It's the note I wrote to harry. Underneath my messy handwriting was "sorry I was daydreaming" oh I thought maybe he liked me as well I could have used that to my advantage. "It fine I'm Molly by the way." Maybe I could get him interested. I threw it back and started trying to do anything but pay attention to the teacher about 2 mins later I felt that ball of paper hit me again. When I opened it I saw "I know but my names Harry." Of course I knew who he was he's friends with that dick who thinks he can get into my pants and drop me. "I know your friends with Niall, right?" He's actually kind of cute. Wait I can't have feelings for him not when I'm trying to get his friend to fall in love with me so I can break his heart.

Harry's pov

She knows who I am of course it's cause of Niall but still. I quickly wrote back "I know this may sound weird but would you like to go on a date with me this Friday?" God I'm scared of what she will say. It's probably going to be along the lines of no sorry I like your friend not you or eww gross no...

Hey guys hoped you like this chapter so team Harry or team Niall and for you guys to get the next chapter it's 3 likes and 5 comments



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