a new strat (punk niall)

hi my names Molly McDaniel I just moved to a new school because my parents wanted me to try and get away from my troubled past....... but what happens when she meets someone who brings back her old habits


7. 4

Molly's pov

As the day went on I found out that Niall was in all my classes. Great this will be easier than I expected. Well now it's last class which for me is science. While the teacher mrs. Engleman I think that's her name was writing on the bored I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and find one of niall a friends staring at me

Harry pov.

So that Molly girl is in my science class. Well I guess this will be my chance to try and get with her

Authors note:

Sorry about the short chapter I didn't have much time to write it but I'll try and write tomorrow

Love, Caitlin ❤️

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