a new strat (punk niall)

hi my names Molly McDaniel I just moved to a new school because my parents wanted me to try and get away from my troubled past....... but what happens when she meets someone who brings back her old habits


4. 3

                                                           Niall's pov.


      so I found out the new girl is in my first period and that her name is molly. she sounds easy just from her name. so this shouldn't be too hard. lunch is coming up soon and I'm going to talk to her. no one can resist me. I mean come on look at me I'm freaking sexy that's what I am. and everyone here knows it. "Niall I forgive you for this morning and I am willing to take you back." "look I don't even remember your name you were a good fuck and that's it now get out of my face." "my names amber by the way dick." I have to admit that girl has a nice ass the way it jiggles when she walks but she's not that good in bed. now where was I? aww yes I'm getting ready to walk to where molly's sitting at lunch. "hey cutie how's about me and you ditch the rest of school and go have a little fun back at my house." "are you talking to me." "why yes I am." "hahaha no way would I ever go home with you." "and why not." I know guys like you, you will fuck me then leave before I wake up so no." she just got up and left. I've never been rejected before at least not since I changed. now girls throw themselves at me I don't even have to ask. but she just says no to me like that  mean she was right but still she didn't even give me  shot. what the hell is her problem. I don't know but I'm determined to do anything to get her in bed.



                                                Molly's pov. 


     he fell for it next thing you know he's gonna b begging me to fuck him..... 





      author's note


   hey guys sorry for the short chapter its just a filler and sorry to anyone named molly.. guys remember the name amber ;) haha well if you guys want you can follow me on twitter ill follow back its @caitlinreinhart thanks guys love ya!!!!    

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