a new strat (punk niall)

hi my names Molly McDaniel I just moved to a new school because my parents wanted me to try and get away from my troubled past....... but what happens when she meets someone who brings back her old habits


3. 2

Molly's pov.

    I waked into the courtyard of my new school. I could feel the stares of the people around me. But one in particular caught my eye. He had blond hair that looked like he dyes it. And bright blue eyes. I mean he's cute but I don't date guys I have one night stands and that's it. Walking past him and his friends I could feel them staring at my ass. " take a picture it will last longer boys" one of them actually tried to pull out his phone but the blonde one stopped him. "don't do it" I just laughed and walked into the school.


                                                               Niall's pov.


     when Harry tried to actually take a picture I got kind of mad and yelled at him. "damn she's hot" everyone agreed with him but me. "What's wrong Niall baby." ok this girl is getting pretty annoying. You sleep with her a couple times and she thinks we are dating. "just leave me alone." "baby I thought we had something." "the most we have had is me fucking you one night and leaving in the morning." she ran to her car crying but it didn't affect me its happened before. "dude its about time you dropped her and found a new girl to fuck with." "ya and I think I know exactly who's next."  






          authors note*

hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I don't know if you guys like this or not so I don't know if i will continue this. Please tell me if you do want me to thanks.



                                                           Caitlin :)

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