Children of the Bad Revolution

AU: Harry, Ron, and Hermione are orphans. They were all taken as infants by a man named Voldemort to be raised as ruthless participants of the mob. Each of them has their specialty: Harry has his ability to think of quick solutions in the moment. Ron has his strength, able to dispose of a target in less than thirty seconds, if he's quick. And Hermione has her strategies and her brains, always getting to the bottom of things before anyone else has even a theory of what's to come.

They all believe that Voldemort is the man who their parents trusted them with the most before they were all killed in a mass shooting, all taking place at different times. But there's something Voldemort's not telling the three of them. Something big. And when one of their own kills themselves, leaving only a note with a few hasty words scrawled on the page, they know that there's more to their story than the man who was supposed to love them is letting on. And they are going to find out what it is.


2. 12 Grimmauld Place

Ron thought that he could just die.

He was quite possibly the most irresponsible, stupid person in the world at this very moment. Romilda Vane had just died. Because of him. Because he wanted to try and get some action, because he sure as hell wasn't getting anything from Hermione. Not that they were together, or anything. Far from it.

He had to stop himself from getting sidetracked. A girl was dead. One of their own. A new girl. And not only that, but they also didn't manage to kill their target. If Voldemort ever found out. . . .

No. Harry said not to worry. So he wasn't going to worry. At all.

At least, that's what he was telling himself until Harry and Hermione burst into their shared room and went straight to Hermione's laptop.

"Quick, Hermione, hack into the comp—"

Hermione slapped a hand over Harry's mouth. "Shut up!" she mouthed to him urgently. "There might be cameras," she whispered, barely moving her lips.

Ron looked between the two of them. "What's going on?" he asked.

Harry and Hermione ignored him and Ron looked over Hermione's shoulder as he and Harry watched her hack into Bella's computer. Data appeared on the screen, filling it up.

"What's that?" Harry asked, pointing to a file named PROFILES. Hermione clicked on it and saw the names of all the people working in Voldemort's organization.

"Look, Harry," Hermione whispered. "That's you." She clicked on Harry's name and watched it open up into a new document.

There were photos of Harry, one for each year of his life. They had new pictures taken on their birthdays every year to keep track of how they'd changed in case anyone tried to get to them. Under the photos, there was a full biography on him.

Birth Name: Harry James Potter

Age/Gender: 18/M

Height: 5ft, 7in

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Skin: Light

Dominant Ethnicity: British

Secondary Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father: Unrecorded

Mother: Unrecorded

Siblings: Unrecorded

Years Active: 18yrs

Jobs Participated: 20+

Fatalties: 7

"Here's you, Ron." Hermione clicked on Ron's name and he watched the words spill onto the screen.

Birth Name: Ronald Billius Weasley

Age/Gender: 19/M

Height: 5ft, 9in

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Light

Dominant Ethnicity: British

Secondary Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father: Unrecorded

Mother: Unrecorded

Siblings: Unrecorded

Years Active: 18yrs

Jobs Participated: 20+

Fatalties: 9

Hermione clicked on her own name.

Birth Name: Hermione Jean Granger

Age/Gender: 19/F

Height: 5ft, 5in

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Light

Dominant Ethnicity: British

Secondary Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father: Unrecorded

Mother: Unrecorded

Siblings: Unrecorded

Years Active: 18yrs

Jobs Participated: 20+

Fatalties: 4

"Why are all of our families unrecorded?" Harry asked.

Hermione shrugged. She sifted through all of the profiles of everybody there. No one had their families recorded except Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Lucius, Narcissa, and Severus.

"Is there anything on 12 Grimmauld Place?" Harry wondered, scanning the screen with his eyes.

Hermione scrolled through the files, and clicked on one that was titled MISC. Inside were multiple files with numbers as titles. "If there is anything on Grimmauld Place here, how the hell are we supposed to find it? There are at least 30 files in here and they're all titled with numbers."

Ron leaned over her shoulder. "We look."

Hermione shut the top of the laptop and set it aside, turning over on her side and facing Ron, who was looking through some files on someone in the Order. "Do you think Bella really has something on the Order? Do you think she could be a spy for them?"

Ron snorted without removing his eyes from his papers. "Right. Bellatrix, a spy for the Order? No, Bellatrix, disloyal to Voldemort? Please. She's practically in love with him."

Hermione gave Ron a look. "Ron," she chided. "She's married."

Ron looked up at her, and shrugged like it didn't matter. "So what? We all heard the stories about Bella's marriage; it was arranged, and she agreed because she didn't want to disappoint her parents. Just because you're married, or with someone else, doesn't mean you can't be in love with someone else. Haven't you ever heard of mutual unrequited love?"

She rolled her eyes. "I've heard of it. But I don't believe in it. I think there's lust, and there's love. Nobody should have to marry someone they don't want to, and if they do, then they have the choice to leave them."

"Obviously, you've never heard about the fifteenth century."

"Shut up," Hermione said, throwing her pillow at him. "The fifteenth century was also a time when woman couldn't do anything. And look at me."

Ron's eyes softened. "Yeah. You really are something, aren't you?"

Hermione looked away and took the laptop again, waiting for it to start up again. When it did, she clicked on the next document: Doc #12. Doc Name: 3890045

"Ron!" she gasped.

Ron looked at her. "What?"

"Here, I can't believe we didn't guess this! The twelfth file on here, for 12 Grimmauld Place. This is how Bellatrix must keep track of all of this information. Just put in random numbers and count down for the right address."

"Then how come we didn't see it when we first started looking through all of this?" Ron wondered, coming to sit on her bed with her.

"Because all of these places are in completely different locations. None of these places are related to one another in any way." Hermione scrolled through all of the information, looking at all of the names programmed into it.

"Isn't that Bella's cousin? The traitor? What's his name? Sirius?" Ron said, pointing.

Hermione nodded. "Rumor is that the Black family was known for naming their children after constellations."

"Narcissa really ruined that with Draco, don't ya think?" he muttered.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione looked through everything there. "There's just a bunch of codes. How the hell are we supposed to find out anything that Romilda wanted us to know if we can't understand what any of this even means?"

"We shouldn't even be looking through this stuff, Hermione. Of course Bella has files on the Order. They've been trying to shut us down forever. This code stuff is probably just so hackers don't understand. Because those hackers are supposed to be against Voldemort. Not the people who Voldemort raised like his own children."

Hermione turned and gave Ron a look. "You sound exactly like Harry."

"Voldemort protected us, Hermione! He saved us when our parents were killed. We were lucky to be raised like we were. Raised like-"

"Raised like warriors, Ron? Like we shouldn't trust anybody except those in our very innermost circles, and even then you have to be cautious of them? That's not how I would have wanted to be raised. That's not how I want my kids to be raised."

Ron scoffed, a surprised noise. "You think we're going to have kids? You think we're going to be able to have that kind of opportunity? After all that we've done, how do you plan on explaining that to your dearest beloved."

Hermione stood up and, in a single flashing move, she smacked him. "You're so blindingly faithful, do you know that? Haven't you ever wondered why we've had to kill so many of the Order? Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if we just left?"

Ron's head had snapped to the side with the force of her slap, and with the shock of being caught off guard. "No. Because we're forever going to owe Voldemort for protecting us."

He stood up as well, and moved past her, walking out the door and slamming it behind him.

Hermione sat back on her bed and looked at all of the information on 12 Grimmauld Place. She rolled her eyes and exited out of it, knowing she wasn't going to be able to stomach going back there, into Bella's computer.

She went to sleep with Romilda's note in her hands.

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