The Little Girls

Cindy lived with her abusive drunken dad and druggy mother. The teachers noticed her bruises. Cindy lived to protect her baby sister, Lisabell. Cindy is barely 14 and Lisable 4. One direction was their favorite band. Until One direction became their protectors.


2. 1D Day

I decided to skip school today so I could watch 1D Day with Lisabell. She loves the way Louis and Niall sings. "Alright sit on down it's about to start." I scooted over to make her some room. She skipped over to me with a smile. Harry and Liam appeared on the screen announcing the day. Harry walked over to Niall and Niall started laughing. "Niall!" Lisabell giggled.

7 hours later we laugh about how silly 1D Day was. "Dads going to be home soon. Let's get you to bed." I took her hand and walked her over to her bed. "Okay. Are you going to bed to, sissy?" She crawled under the covers. "Yes. But I'm going to go get us some water." I sat down next to her. "I wanna help!" She bounced up into my lap. "Alright." I giggled and brought her to the kitchen. "Roseann!" My father yelled for my mother. She was stoned on the couch. I heard him clock a gun. Lisable clung to my arm. There was space in between the couch and the wall. I pushed Lisable in and I crawled in after her. "Shhh." I quickly slid my hand over her mouth to keep her quite. "What?!" My mother rolled over. "You're putting me through hell!" I heard my father knock over the coffee table. Glass shattered everywhere. Dad clocked his gun again and fired. Blood splattered everywhere. I gasped for air as I knew what he shot. My mother is dead. I heard my father scream with all his might. Than another shot went off and more blood painted the walls. My father is now dead. I couldn't cry. Not for them. Police sirens signaled that it was okay to come out now. I gathered Lisable in my arms; covering her face and walked outside. Police officers ran to our side and got us into the car. Than it hit me. Their dead.

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