It's been a year since the accident and since her best friend left for the X Factor. But what happens when he comes back? Will things ever be the same? Will they continue where they left off? The story of a broken girl looking to be fixed. Read to find out what happens.


5. Chapter 5

I get in the car and slam the door. At first, I feel complete rage. I start the car and that rage turns to confusion which turns to a deep sadness.

As I begin to drive, my tears start to blur my vision. I don't bother to pull over because I'm determined to visit my little brother and nothing can stop me now. Nothing can stop me now because I need to go see him.

Why did he just walk away like that? Why is he so mad at me? What did I do? Was it something I said? These thoughts start to flood my brain, causing me a throbbing headache.

Still crying, I look at the glove department. Turning my head back to look at the road, I open it and out falls a little baggy with a green plant inside, some paper, and a pair of scissors. I pull over and begin right away.

I cut a thick, long line of paper and spill a little bit of the plant on it and roll it up tight so nothing falls out. Reaching in my pocket, I take out my lighter and begin smoking it.

After I finish, I throw the butt out the window and start driving again. I can feel the drug start to consume me like a dark cloud. It takes charge and controls me. I'm the puppet and this drug is my master. I don't care. I don't care about any of it because it helps me. It makes me happy. It calms me down.

I need to go see Jacob. I need to hold his hand and tell him that I'm sorry that I couldn't protect him. I was 14 and he was only 9 and I didn't save him. I should've saved him. I need to see his face. I need to hear his heart beat. I need to watch his chest pump up and down. I need to tell him that everything's ok and he can wake up now because the monster's gone. I need to tell him about the father we used to have. The one before the alcohol took over. The one that he won't remember because he was too young.

My thoughts keep running wild I'm my head and tears spill down my face. The whole world is swaying and everything is blurry. Then, I see a bright light. It blinds me. Shortly after, I hear a loud, brutal crunch and feel a sharp pain. A pain more unbarring than any pain I've ever felt. I also feel myself flying, and when I hit the ground, everything goes black.


Alright. Well I hope you enjoyed chapter five. I'm really sorry that it was so short. I'll try to make the next one longer. Also, just so we're clear, I am anti-drug so don't take this the wrong way when Sasha takes drugs and stuff, I'm definitely not trying to encourage drug use I'm just making a story. Ok comment what you think and thanks so much for reading!


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