It's been a year since the accident and since her best friend left for the X Factor. But what happens when he comes back? Will things ever be the same? Will they continue where they left off? The story of a broken girl looking to be fixed. Read to find out what happens.


4. Chapter 4 (Warning: sexualness)

I wake up to find Harry Styles spooning me. I roll over so I can look at him. He looks so peaceful and beautiful when he sleeps. It still shocks me that he wanted me. I look at his two bird tattoos and kiss them. This wakes him up.

"Good morning beautiful" his sleepy voice is so sexy.

"Good morning sexy" I bite my lip as he gazes into my eyes.

"That's really sexy when you bite your lip like that" he smiles.

"That's really sexy when you reveal your dimples like that" I smile back.

That feeling of desire washes over me again. The feeling I got when he was all over me yesterday. I act on it right away. I roll on top of him and start kissing him passionately.

"Ok I'm gonna just leave then" I hear Liam say behind me. I turn around and watch him leave. He must have been sleeping in the bed beside ours. This makes me laugh.

"Where was I?" I tease as I turn back to face Harry.

"Oh I think we were-" Harry begins to say but cuts himself off as he pulls me in and starts kissing me again. We start off kissing gently and then we start getting more into it. I start to kiss him harder and faster. I run my fingers through his curls.

I pull away and look around to make sure no one's still in the room. When I see it's empty, I go under the covers.

"What are you-" Harry starts to say and then stops when I start to take off his boxers. "Oh" he says, a hint of surprise in his voice as I wrap my lips around his erection. I begin moving my head slowly forward, and then backward, then I go faster and faster every time.

I can hear that Harry is trying to hold back his moans. Not too long after, he reaches his climax and a stinky liquid fills my mouth.

I pull his boxers back up and come out from under the covers. He's looking up at the ceiling and breathing heavily. I smile at him, a smug look on my face. I'm proud of myself.

"That... Was... Amazing" he says pausing between each word.

"I need to go" I giggle looking at the time. "My shift starts in three hours and I still want to go visit Jacob" I begin to get serious now. Harry looks at the time. 12:00pm.

"I'll drive you" he says getting out of bed.

"I can drive myself" I laugh. "I left my car down the street at the café remember?" I walk towards the door.

"At least let me walk you to your car" he suggests.

"Ok I'll wait for you. Put some clothes on"

I wait outside for Harry where I see a man sitting on a bench reading the paper. I recognize the people on the cover of the paper so I walk closer to the man. He looks up at me and smiles.

"Excuse me sir, is that today's paper?" I ask.

"It sure is love" he nods.

"Uh, yeah ok. Can I just see that for a second?" I reach out for the paper. He hands it to me and I flip to the cover.

There in bold letters it reads:

The Mystery Girl

Underneath the caption is a picture of me and Harry. I don't bother to read the article because I see Harry come out.

"Thanks" I say to the man, passing him the paper and walking away.

"Who was that?" Harry asks as we begin walking to the café.

"I don't know" I continue, "I just wanted to read his paper" I walk quickly and look at the ground the whole time.

"Since when do you read the paper?" Harry chuckles trying to catch up to me.

"Since me and you are on the cover page and everyone is wondering who I am" I finally look up at him. A sarcastic smirk on my face.

"Does that bother you?" He stops walking and waits for an answer.

"No" I lie. "Yes" I cave. "I don't want people knowing me and mauling me everywhere I go like they do to you. I just don't like all the attention. And the hate" I continue walking but Harry doesn't follow. I look back and see him walking away. Fuck. What did I say?


Damn that was a short chapter guys. I'm sorry about that. Well I wonder why Harry is being so anal, what did Sasha do and/or say!?! Ha! I already know the answer:p

Ok so uh tell me what you think! I'd really love to hear all of your beautiful thoughts on this story.

I love you for reading this and I hope you like it. I try my best. You guys are all beautiful I love you all so much. You're lovely. Have a wonderful night and a fantastic day tomorrow.


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