It's been a year since the accident and since her best friend left for the X Factor. But what happens when he comes back? Will things ever be the same? Will they continue where they left off? The story of a broken girl looking to be fixed. Read to find out what happens.


2. Chapter 2

"How have you been Sasha?" His dimples distract me. I want to throw myself on top of him.

"Harry I missed you so much" my eyes start to water. I can't believe it. He actually came back.

"I missed you too" his eyes are distant. "Tell me how you've been" he smiles gently.

"I've been better than ever" I say excitedly. "My dad went missing. I think the police just stopped looking for him. My mum moved about six months ago so I live alone but I have a goldfish named Timmy who keeps me good company" I joke. "Also, I work in a bar" I finish with a proud smile.

"Wow Sasha, that's great" his eyes are watering now.

"What's wrong" I say, panic and worry in my shaky voice.

"Nothing" he smiles. "I just really missed you" he continues.

When I don't respond, he adds.

"So I'm only here on tour" my heart sinks and my smile fades. He didn't come back for me. "But I wanted to see you and this was the first place I looked. I want you to come meet the band" he continues.

"Yeah great" I fake a smile. "Let's go" I stand up and follow him out the door. Great, I get to meet Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik.


We enter the hotel and he leads me to the very top floor, all the way at the very end of the hall. Probably the biggest room in the whole hotel. He opens the door for me and gestures me in the room.

I see a blonde boy sitting on a chair in the corner in nothing but a pair of green boxers, stuffing his face with chips. Niall.

I look a bit to the left where I see a boy wearing red pants and a blue and white stripped shirt. He's sitting on the edge of a bed watching tv and he seems to be super interested because he can't seem to take his eyes off of it, even though there's another boy climbing all over him. Louis and Liam.

Behind them, another boy with dark hair is sprawled across the bed like a star fish, passed out cold. Zayn.

"Hey!" Harry yells and Liam looks up at him. "Get off him" he walks towards the two boys and pushes Liam off of Louis. I begin to walk forward and this seems to get Louis' attention because he looks up at me and frowns.

"You brought a girl home?" Louis turns to face Harry. He looks absolutely disgusted. At this point, I'm completely confused.

"Guys, this is-" Harry begins but Liam cuts him off.

"Wow this must be Sasha!" He stands up and walks toward me. "It's so nice to finally meet you. I'm a huge fan" Liam holds his hand out for a hand shake but is rudely pushed out of the way by Niall.

"You're even more beautiful than Harry said!" Niall drops his bag of chips and stares at me weirdly.

"Niall shut up!" Harry smacks Niall's head.

"Uh.. I... It's.. You guys are.. Um... Hi. I'm Sasha. It's uh... It's nice to meet you guys. Uh.. Harry has talked about me?" I stutter.

"Oh yeah. All the time. It's all we hear. It's always 'Sasha this' and 'Sasha that'" Louis rolls his eyes.

"Louis!" Harry snaps. I start to blush so Harry decides to change the subject.

"How about I show you around the hotel room Sasha. You'll probably be spending a lot of time here" Harry holds his hand out so I take it.

"Sure" I say, unsure about this. Why does he think I'll be spending a lot of time here?

Harry leads me to another room, identical to the one we were just in. He closes the door and quickly turns to face me. He grabs my waist, pulls me in, and pushes me against the wall. I gasp loudly.

"Harry-" I begin to say but he cuts me off.

"I missed you so much" he whispers. His lips press against my neck and I tilt my head a little to give him easier access. His kisses move from my neck, down to my collarbone, and back up, passing my chin and making their way to my lips. His lips are so soft and gently I don't want him to stop.

His hands slowly start to move from my hips, up my shirt. They slowly slid to my back and up even more. He continues to kiss me and unclips my bra. I let him. A sudden urge washes over me, filling every inch of my body with desire.

He stops for a second and quickly removes his shirt. He then throws it to the floor and continues to kiss me. He then grabs my legs and lifts me up, causing me to wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He carries me over to one of the two beds. As he lays me down he removes my shirt for me and then continues kissing me. He kisses my lips, moves down to my neck, then my breast, then down my belly, and he stops when he gets to my pant line. This causes me to gasp a little. It feels so good. He starts to unbutton my short shorts and pulls them down my legs revealing my red lace panties that read "feeling luck?" on the front.

He lays on top of me and continues to kiss my lips. His hand comes up and starts playing with my breast. After a while of this, his hand slowly begins to slide down my belly and into my panties. I let out a quiet moan. This causes him to smile. He moves his hand out of my panties and begins to slide them off.

"Wait" I say abruptly. He just stops and looks up at me. "I'm not ready" I whisper. I can feel myself starting to cry. I'm ready for him to be disappointed in me. He's never going to talk to me again. A tear falls down my cheek. He pulls my panties back up and looks at me with concern.

"Why are you crying?" He whips my tear away and gently kisses my lips again.

"I just don't want you to hate me" I begin to really cry now.

"Hate you?" He bolts up and looks down at me. "How could I hate you?" His brows furrow and his voice raises slightly. "Sasha, I will never hate you. I love you. If you're not ready, I'll wait for you. I never should have thrown myself on you like that" he leans down and kisses me one last time. "Here" he says as he gets up, grabs my clothes and tosses them at me.

Just then I hear the door begin to open and see four boys standing there. I'm the first thing they see so they just stand there and stare, speechless. It takes a long time for me to remember that I'm not wearing anything but my red panties, so I quickly grab a pillow and cover myself, completely embarrassed now.

The boys slowly turn their heads to look at Harry who's also standing there, shirtless and speechless.



OMG soooo what!?! Sasha and Harry almost had sexual intercourse. I bet you thought they were gunna do it but I tricked you:) and now everyone has seen Sasha more than half naked! Yikes!!

(. Y .)

Well ok anyways I hope you enjoyed that. You should definitely comment what you think. Tell me if you hate it or if you love it! I won't be mad! Hahah ok well thanks for reading!!


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