When 15 year old, Hayley Ablestorm, finds out she has a brain tumour and has only 11 months left to live, she decides that there's so many things she hasn't done yet and is determined to accomplish them.


4. Chapter 4

"Would anyone care to explain?" Principle Oshaghendersee crosses her arms over her chest and raises one eyebrow.

"I started it" I admit. "Can we like, go now?" I say with sass.

"No. I've called your parents to come get you" she replies, keeping an eye on us all.

"Jessica I'm sorry" I whisper to my best friend who's holding a nice pack to her swollen black eye.

"It's ok man" she replies with a smile. "It was kind of fun" she admits and shrugs. This causes me to smile. Am I corrupting my best friend Jessica?

"Dykes" Brittany coughs under her breath. I look at her with a blank expression. My head is still pounding from when she was bashing it into the sidewalk. Now that I think about it, it's pounding really hard, and I start to hear a ringing noise.

"Principal Oshaghendersee" I say.

"Yes?" She looks up from her crossword puzzle.

"I need to see a doctor about my head" inside I'm panicking but I make sure to keep my cool on the outside.

"And what happened to your head?" She leans back in her chair.

I look at Brittany who looks back at me with pleading eyes.

"I fell and hit my head really hard on the sidewalk. It hurts a lot" I try to sound convincing.

"Mmhmm" she looks at Brittany and then back at me. "Are you sure that's what happened?" She lowers her voice.

"Yeah I was there" I say sassily.

"Alright well your mother should be here any minute" she goes back to her crossword puzzle.

"Fuck this" I say, storming out. I speed walk, and I can hear the door open in the distance. I hear Jessica holler at me to come back.

I don't look back, just keep walking. I walk until I get to my house and I see my mom getting ready to leave.

"Hayley?!" She says, taking off her coat.

"I started it. I wanted to beat her up. She's been such a bitch to me my whole life. I started it. That's the end of that discussion. Can you please take me to a doctor my head is killing me" I yell.

"Uh, oh, ok, I, I guess so" she puts her jacket back on, clearly astounded by my choice of words.

When we get in the car and start driving, all my mom says is "Hayley".

"Yeah mom?" I answer.

"Watch your language" she says calmly. And I don't respond.

We arrive at the hospital and the wait is short. After the doctor checks me out and asks me a whole shit load of irrelevant questions, he tells my mom I have a minor concussion. Great. My brain must be loving it up there right now.

When we get home, I go directly to my room. I take out my notebook and cross out number nine.

One down, ten to go.


The next morning I wake up to the sound of my moms soft cries. I hear her crying all the time. I heard it last night even. I think she cries herself to sleep. Why is she so sad? It's not her life ending.

I love my mom. I want her to be happy. I guess it's hard to be happy when you have a kid that's dying, huh?

"Hayley!" David jumps on me. "I'm still mad at you for leaving me, but you haven't gone yet so I guess it's not time to be mad yet, right?" He asks.

"David, you don't have to be mad at all, ever" I explain.

"My body my choice!" He yells and runs out of my bedroom giggling.

I chuckle and pull my notebook out again. I may be getting obsessed with this notebook, but hey, I'm going to die, what a perfect time to create a bucket list?

Number one: kiss a girl.


Number three: steal something.

These are the next two easy ones. I've decided to get the easy ones out of the way first.

Eenie-meenie minie moe...

I'll steal something.


Sorry. Such a short chapter. It's 1 in the morning and it's a school night so I had to wrap it up. Sorry mates. Next one'll be a good one!!


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