When 15 year old, Hayley Ablestorm, finds out she has a brain tumour and has only 11 months left to live, she decides that there's so many things she hasn't done yet and is determined to accomplish them.


3. Chapter 3

"I can't believe it" Jessica says, tears starting to fall slowly down her pink cheeks.

"Oh God, what are you doing? Don't cry. Stop it" I say. Jessica never cries. I've only seen her cry once in the whole time I've known her, and it was when her cat died when she was 7.

"Well what do you expect? Of course I'm gunna cry. You're dying!" She sobs. She sounds so funny when she tries to talk as she cries.

"Oh hun, it's ok. I'll come back to haunt you" I smirk.

"That's not funny!" She slaps my shoulder and let's out a small chuckle but then continues to cry.

When Jessica cries, which is rare, she sounds like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

"Jessica shush" I snap. She stops and looks at me with these big, sad, innocent puppy dog eyes. "Let's go to McDonald's or something" I suggest.

"Well aren't you scared!?" She starts sobbing again.

"Ugh Jessica! Of course I'm scared! I'm not letting this keep me from living" I roll my eyes at her.

"But... It's literally killing you" she argues.

"Yes... Yes it is. Thanks for reminding me. I'm going to get something to eat. If you want to come, you're welcome to" I turn on my heel and walk away. Wow. That was really sassy. I liked it.

On my way out of the school, I see the school bitch standing there with her posy.

I think back to my list.

Number nine: get into a fist fight.

Hmm. I think about it. I'm tempted. I try to imagine a devil version of me on my right shoulder and an angel version of me on my left shoulder.

"Come on! Do it. You're probably never gunna see her again after this anyways. You'll be dead, and nothing will matter after that. Plus, you know the way she talks about you behind your back, the way she glares at you like you're beneath her, the way she pushes you and poor Jessica around. She deserves it. What do you think will happen when you're gone and Jessica's all alone? Poor, poor Jessica. She'll surly be picked on twice as much. You need to set this bitch straight before you're gone. Do it for Jessica. Just do it" the devil says.

"No! Don't listen to her! You don't want to do this. It's a bad idea. Do the right thing. Walk away. If you just leave right now, she won't even see you! Don't. Don't ruin your life while you still have it" the angel says.

Hmm. The devil wins.

"Hey skank" I yell in Brittany's direction. She turns around and her minions look straight at me.

"What the fuck did you just call me" she walks closer to me.

"Oh, do you need to turn up your hearing aid and old slut?" meh. It was the first thing I could think of.

"Excuse me!? I'm only a year older than you" she snaps.

"The wrinkles under your eyes and those saggy boobs say otherwise" oh god. I'm so bad at this. I've never done this before.

"Ha! At least I have boobs" she chuckles. I glance down at my size C's and up at her A's.

"Uh... Mine are bigger than yours" it's true. I say it like it is.

"Let's go Brit" one of her minions, Nikki, glares at me.

"Yeah let's go" the other one, Trish, mimics.

"No. Let's stay" Brittany says, an evil grin growing across her face as she takes a step towards me. "It's 3 against 1 here" she tells me.

"Actually" I hear I familiar voice behind me. "It's 3 against 2" I look behind me and see Jessica. "Don't worry. I got your back" she smiles nervously at me.

"Oh god" I say under my breathe and look back at Brittany.

"Oh how cute?! But you're still outnumbered. Are you sure you want to do this? I'll even close my eyes and pretend not to see you run away" she says sarcastically.

"No. I think I'll stay right here" I step closer to her so I'm looking right up at her. She's taller than me but she's also wearing heels.

"Uh, Hayley" I hear Jessica still behind me but I don't let her finish her thought. I throw the first punch and hit Brittany square in the jaw, sending her off balance as she stumbles to the ground.

"Shit!" I growl. That really hurt. I look at my knuckles. They're red.

"Are you ok?!" Jessica runs up to me but is quickly interrupted when Nikki throws herself onto her, sending them both flying to the ground.

I look over to my left to see Trish helping Brittany up off the ground.

"Get off me!" Brittany squeals as she pushes stands up and pushes Trish away. "Here, make yourself useful. Take these" she takes her heels off and hands them to Trish, who willingly takes them.

I look back at Jessica to see Nikki on top of her, throwing punches left and right. Shit! I start to make my way towards them when someone grabs my arm and pulls me back, kneeing me in the stomach, hard. I look up and she Brittany. Ow. That hurt. But not enough to knock me down. I move closer so I can get a good hit, but instead she punches my right in the nose, sending me falling to the ground. She gets in top of me, grabs me by my hair, and starts bashing my head into the cement.

I try to get her off of me. I flail my arms around, failing. right when I'm about to give up, I feel her give up and my head aches. It's a sharp, hard pain, and a year rolls down my cheek because of it. I roll over, causing the sharp pain to grow.

"Ahg" I moan, looking at the place where my head was hit rapidly. There's a bit of blood, but no dents. I get up, and my head pounds. I see Trish helping Nikki limp away, and Brittany and Jessica are going at it over in the grass. How the fuck did they get over there?

I begin to make my way to them. As I get closer, I see Jessica seems to be winning, then I see Brittany hit her. Hard. Jessica lays there in the grass, still. I walk fast as I see Brittany about to make another hard hit. I get there in time to kick her in the ribs, causing her to fall.

"Hey!" I hear someone holler behind us. "What's going on here?!" I look and there stands Principal Oshaghendersee.



I had to write that like 3 times! I got really annoyed and frustrated but there you go. She finally did one thing on her bucket list. Thank you so much and remember to go check out Nutellaer4life and Eatingwithniall !!! Xoxo


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