When 15 year old, Hayley Ablestorm, finds out she has a brain tumour and has only 11 months left to live, she decides that there's so many things she hasn't done yet and is determined to accomplish them.


1. Chapter 1

Shit. Why? Why me? Why now? I'm too young for this bullshit. Am I dreaming? Are they kidding? I let out the tiniest giggle and covered my mouth with my hand. This causes my mom to snap her head towards me. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying and she looks confused, like she's not sure what to feel. Sad? Mad? Worried? Concerned? It's all over her face. I remove my hand and my tiny giggle turns into a full out burst of laughter.

"W-why are you laughing!?" My mom has a pained look in her eyes.

"I have fucking brain cancer!" I have this huge smile written on my face. I'm not sure why, but I can't help but smile.

"Hayley!" My mom's face turns red.

"What?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Language!" Is all she says, calming down a little.

"So ground me" I say crossing my arms. "I'll be dead in less than a year anyways" I raise my eyebrows. "Just let me live" I look away, trying my very hardest to hold back tears. I don't have to look at her, I can hear her sobs. Then, I hear the door open and close and I turn to look at her but I already know she's gone.


The car ride home is long and silent.

"I'm sorry" I say, barely above a whisper. "I'm scared" I shrug as tears begin to fill my eyes.

"I know sweety. Me too" she smiles and looks at me, tears also in her eyes.


"We're home!" Mom yells as David comes running up and hugs my legs.

"Happy birthday to me!" He says.

"It's not your birthday yet silly" I reply.

"Yes it is" he laughs, knowing that it's not.

"Oh hey Miss Ablestorm" our babysitter Ashley says walking up the stairs.

"Hello Ashley. Thank you for watching David, I'll take you home now" she smiles and walks out the door.

"Well bye Ashley" I run up stairs, David following closely.

"Hey listen David, I gotta tell you something" I say as I walk into my room. He sits on my bed with the most innocent look on his face. At least I'll be here for his fifth birthday.

"I'm not really sure how to say this buddy" I begin. He just looks at me and waits.

"After you turn five, I'll be here for a while" I try to explain in a way that he'll understand. "But I'm very sick and after a while I won't be here anymore" I start to cry. "And it'll just be you and mommy" now he starts to cry.

"No!" He stands up and stomps his foot as hard as he can on the ground. "I'll make you soup and then you can stop being sick" he cries.

"I'm sorry buddy" I go in for a hug but he runs away and storms out of my room.


My mom returns and I here her go in David's room to calm him down. He's been crying for half and hour now but I won't leave my room. Every once in a while I get up to look in the mirror. I look at my hair. It's wavey and it falls down to my butt. It's light brown with blonde tips. I look at it because I'm not sure how much longer I'll have it.

I grab a purple notebook with black and white spirals on it and open it up to the first page. I've never used it before. I scribble this down:

1. Kiss a girl.

2. Get into trouble with the police.

3. Steal something.

4. Do some sort of drug.

5. Go to a high school party.

6. Get waisted.

7. Get a fake ID.

8. Sneak into a club.

9. Get into a fist fight.

10. Go streaking.

11. Lose virginity.


Thanks for reading Beautiful.! So yeah that's chapter one. I'm sorry if that was a bad chapter :-/ it'll get better I promise. Any thoughts?

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