If all goes well

After Ella moved to Australia to get away from her Ex-boyfriend, She started a new life and making new friends, But when she meets Nathan, She evolves around his pureness and believes he will keep her safe from anything, even her abusive ex-boyfriend. Ella knew that he would be the one, that he would never break her heart. well, that's what she thought at least...


3. Making new friends

Ella's POV

Zoe meet me at my locker and we walked down to the basketball courts to meet the other girls that were coming too.

" What up Bitches" Zoe announced.

" Hey Chick! What's up?" They choired.

" Nothing much. This is my friend Ella. She is new here. I invited her to come down town with us." Zoe explained. One by one they came up to me and introduced themselves.

"Hi Ella, Welcome to St'Ella's! I'm Maddy" She claimed. She had long straight brown hair with big green eyes. Her lightly tanned body showed off her amazing facial features.

"Hey, It's nice to meet you Ella, I'm Kayla" I was informed. She had beautiful long thin black hair that went to just below her shoulders. Her beautifully tanned skin complemented her beautifully big brown eyes.

" Hello, I hope you like St'Ella's so fair. I'm Luka" She explained. Luka had curly red hair that sat just below her armpits. Her lightly pale skin brought out her big blue eyes.

"Hey, I'm Sienna, I saw you before. I think you are in my Maths class. You can sit with me next lesson" She offered. Sienna had beautiful long thin blonde hair. Her big blue eyes were complemented by her lightly tanned skin.

"It's nice to meet you all!" I complimented.

We all drove down town and meet up at the mall. We did some shopping and after everyone had finished shopping, we went down to the beach and talked while watching the sun set.

" Hey girls! I have just ordered pizza for tea. It will be delivered here. It shouldn't be long" Luka claimed.

After all the pizza had been eaten. Everyone was starting to get tired, We said out goodbyes and went home. I got home at 9:30 and I was buggered.

" Hey sweetie, How was your first day?" mum asked as I stumbled in the door and made my way upstairs.

" It was good, I'm exhausted though so I'm going to bed. Goodnight mum" I explained.

When i got upstairs, I got out of my clothes into a light blue singlet and elephant pyjama shorts then collapsed on my bed. I haven't felt this happy and loved since when I first started dating Jason. That was 2 years ago. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

"Jason get off me...... stop it....... JASON." He then smacked me across the face leaving a red hand print across my face. I kicked him in the balls and while he was groaning about it, I run downstairs to get my car keys when he catches me.

"Where do you think you're going babe?" he asks.

He grabs me by the neck and pulls me to the couch. He lays me down and sits on top of me. He pulls my skirt up and rips my underwear off. Before he goes much farther, I hit him across the face and pushes him off me. I ran towards the door while he is still on the ground.

"Bitch get back here. I will make you pay for that" He yells.

I pull the door open and slam it behind me. I ran as fast as I can to my car and drive out as fast as I can without going over the speed limit. I reach the end of the street when I see him, Running towards my car. He has a rock in his hand and hurls it towards the car.

I woke up screaming with my eyes all watery. Mum runs and finds me a mess. She sits beside me and cradles me. "Shhh baby, It's alright. He can't get you anymore, I promise." She explains. How does she know that. How can she be so sure. Why doesn't it reassure me. Why don't I believe it. How can I believe it when, he could be tracking me down right now. He could be on a plane right now...... He...could....be....right...outside.


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