If all goes well

After Ella moved to Australia to get away from her Ex-boyfriend, She started a new life and making new friends, But when she meets Nathan, She evolves around his pureness and believes he will keep her safe from anything, even her abusive ex-boyfriend. Ella knew that he would be the one, that he would never break her heart. well, that's what she thought at least...


4. First two periods

Ella's POV

I woke up with mum snuggled up beside me. I couldn't ask for a better mother. she is very supportive. She knows what I went through with Jason and since my father past away when I was young, The only resolution was to move just so we could get away from him. My mum dropped everything that she had in Washington for me. She had such a great paying job that she loved, An amazing house and such amazing friends.

 I got out of bed and put on some bleached white jeans and a white t-shirt that had an opening strip in the middle. I wore a black boob tube underneath. I didn't worry about make up, It's overrated anyway.

 I packed my denim Hurley backpack and grabbed my car keys. I then made my way back up to my room.

 " See ya mum, Thanks for being there for me last night. Love you" I said as I kissed her on the cheek .

 I walked downstairs and brushed my teeth before heading to my white Jeep. I drove to school in a happy mood. I could not wait to have a great day at school like I did yesterday.

 I walked to my locker, put my bag in and pulled out my white Iphone 5s. I had a message from Zoe.



             Hey babe,

  I have just got to school.

I'll meet you at your locker to

 help you with your timetable

            Kisses, Zoe



          Hey Chick,

 That's fine. I am at school,

       I'll wait for you.

        see ya soon

         Kisses, Ella

I put my phone on the shelve while I grabbed my timetable and pencil case out of my bag. I looked at my locker and decided it looked really boring. I wasn't a boring type of person, I liked have nice clothes. I liked being mysterious and I liked showing off a bit of cleavage. Zoe raced up beside me. I passed her my timetable.

 " Hey, alright well first up you have double periods of science in room 36, that's in the science corridor. Then after recess you have Photography with Luka in room 21. Then you have Sport Science in room 11. And lastly after lunch you have double History in room 24. I will take you to all your classes. Sadly I'm in none of yours today" Zoe explains.

 I grab my books for science and close my locker. Zoe then directs me to room 36 in the science corridor. I look in the science room for any familiar faces of the people I meet yesterday. I see Emily and right behind her is....

Nathan's POV

 There she is, again. Looking so beautiful standing at the door. She looked like she was looking for someone. I see Emily in front of me with a spare seat beside her. I hope that she sits next to Emily.

 She looks up and sees me, I look at her and smile. She smiles back then waves to Emily. Ella was that her name? Of course it is, I won't forget the name of such a beautiful girl.

 Ella starts walking towards Emily and I'm screaming of excitement inside. I lean into Emily before she is in ears reach.

 "Hey Emily, Do me a favour. If we have to have partners, Can I have Ella please?" I ask Emily.

 "I get the hint, sure I'll let you have her this one time." She replies winking at me.

 I lean back and sit back.

 "Hi Emily, Can I sit here please?" Ella asks. She has such a beautiful voice. I missed that.

 "Hey Ella, You sure can" Emily replies.

 Ella sits beside her and turns around to me.

 "Hi Nathan. It's nice to see you again" Ella says.

 "Hey Ella. Yeah you too" I say subtlety. I didn't want to seem eager to see her.

 Professor Hayes walks into to class, Greets us and starts class. We are starting on a new unit and we were going to start off with an experiment. This was my chance to get to know her more. To maybe even get her number.

" Alright everyone, For this experiment you will need pairs. You guys are old enough to pick your own pairs" He explains. At that moment I was so thankful that he wasn't like my other science teachers who would put us into pairs.

 "Emily, Can I be your pair?" Ella asks Emily.

 " I would love to be your pair but I promised..... Jake I would be his pair today" she says. Jake is sitting next to me unaware of the arrangements that were made.

 "You di-" He starts to say before Emily cuts him off.

 "I did, Sorry Ella. Nathan doesn't look like he has a pair?" She asks.

Ella's POV

 I turn around to Nathan who is smiling at me. He has such a cute smile. His brown hair is spiked up today and his big dreamy blue eyes are looking into mine.

"Ella would you do the honer of being my lab partner for this experiment?" Nathan asks. I laugh. He is funny and charming. I like it.

 "I would love too" I answer.

 Although the experiment Nathan makes me laugh so hard I almost snorted. That would have been embarrassing. When we finished the experiment, We sat down to write down our results. Nathan keep passing me notes.

 Nathan- How's your result table going?

 Ella- You know I'm right in front of you? You can just talk to me, It's not forbidden.

Nathan- I know, I know but it's more fun writing letters. Just make sure the teacher doesn't see us. Shhh

 I start laughing and everyone looks at me. I start going all red and look down to my work and finish it trying not to remember what just happened.

 Ella- Now look what you did, I got embarrassed.

 Nathan- Not my fault I'm funny.

Ella- alright, I have to finish doing my work now. So should you.

 Nathan- Fine I will stop passing you letters if you give me your mobile number. OR BETTER YET, YOUR PHONE AND I'LL PUT IT IN!!!!

 I looked down at the letter and stared at it for a while. Nathan just asked for my number. I didn't know if I should give it to him or not. I ended up passing him my phone unlocked. He smiled at me with disbelieve. He must have thought I wouldn't give it to him.

 I finished off doing my work, when he taps me on the shoulder and passes me my phone. I now have Nathan's number on my phone. it's then vibrates.

     The Sexy Nathan

      Like the name?

        Nice phone!

 Thanks for letting me put,

       my number in!





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