If all goes well

After Ella moved to Australia to get away from her Ex-boyfriend, She started a new life and making new friends, But when she meets Nathan, She evolves around his pureness and believes he will keep her safe from anything, even her abusive ex-boyfriend. Ella knew that he would be the one, that he would never break her heart. well, that's what she thought at least...


1. First Morning

Ella's POV

I walked through the gates to St'Ella High school unaware of the challenges ahead of me, unaware of the new chapters i would add to my life story, unaware of the relationships that I would develop with some of the students. Unaware of the new opportunity's and life style I would encounter and unaware of how much happier I will be here than when I was a depressed girl with an abusive boyfriend.

I was nervous but excited about the opportunity I would embark. I looked around me at the beautiful big school. The trees were blossoming and the ocean view is spectacular. The school was freshly renovated and had a beautiful modern look to it. The school was rather big and seemed easier to get lost in then many other schools.

As I reach the office, I am informed that I will be buddied up with a girl in my grade. It sounded childish but I would rather that than losing myself. I get introduced to the Principal who gives me a very welcoming encounter. I was also given my timetable that went for a series of two weeks, than I wait for my buddy to arrive.

She is a young model like girl. She has long blonde hair that complement her big blue eyes. Her beautifully tanned skin enhances her gorgeous lips which is completed with her small hour-glass shaped body.

"Hi, My name is Zoe, Nice to meet you" Zoe said in a soft voice.

"Hey Zoe, I'm Ella, It's nice to meet you too' I replied.

"Well your bag looks heavy, Would you like me to show you your locker Ella?" She politely asked me.

"That would be great thank you Zoe" I answered.

She directed me down a busy hallway and up a narrow flight of stairs.  As we walked down a less busier hallway, she pointed out a few useful areas. I was too busy processing how big the school was and where things were then concentrating on where I was going, that's when I bumped into him.

Nathan's POV

Right there in front of me was the most beautiful girl I have ever layed eyes on. I had bumped into her and she was sitting on the ground. I couldn't see her that well because she was sitting down with her head down. she looked up at me with her beautiful sea blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" she said concerned that i was hurt.

" It's fine, the hallway is too busy anyway, it was bounded to happen to me at some point" I replied trying to reassure her. I held out my hand hoping she would accept it so i could help her up.

As she grabbed my hand, I pulled her back on her feet again. Her beautiful long blonde hair was neatly arranged around her face. Her beautifully tanned hands were as soft as a pillow. 

"Thank you! Hi, I'm Ella, I'm new here" She claimed

" Your welcome Ella, Hi, I'm Nathan, It's nice to meet you" I answered.

" It's nice to meet you too Nathan. again, I'm really sorry about running into you. Anyway, I have got to go, Zoe is waiting for me. See you around, Nathan" She said before she left before I could say a word.

As I walked down the hallway to my locker, all I could think about was Ella. She was beautiful and I couldn't get her out of my head.

Ella's POV

I turned around to see him walk off down the hallway, His handsome hair was shaped around his head. I hoped that I would see his gorgeous face again... soon.

I caught up to Zoe who had a suspicious look on her face. She didn't say anything about what happened so we kept making our way to my locker.

As we arrived to my locker, there were lots of others trying to get into their locker to. It was a shiny metal locker that was fairly big. Zoe handed me a lock and told me that it was to put on my locker so I could keep all my belongings safe.

I opened the locker, it had a shelve that would hold my books. I started unloading my bag and placing my books neatly along the shelve. I was a bit of a neat freak. I put my bag on the bottom of the locker and pulled out my timetable. It made no sense to me.

"Here let me help you with that' Zoe explains as I give her my timetable.

'Ok, let's see, You have double periods of English up first in room 32, I will take you there in a second. Then you have double periods of Fashion after recess, Your with me so I'll take you with me! Then after lunch you have History in room 28 and Maths in room 42, I will take you to all of your classes today and for the rest of the week if you need" She offered, I accepted gladly.

I grabbed my books for English and locked my locker up. I followed Zoe as she got her gear for the next two periods and was now directing me to my first class. I hoped either Zoe or Nathan were in there. I didn't want to have to sit by myself. 

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