If all goes well

After Ella moved to Australia to get away from her Ex-boyfriend, She started a new life and making new friends, But when she meets Nathan, She evolves around his pureness and believes he will keep her safe from anything, even her abusive ex-boyfriend. Ella knew that he would be the one, that he would never break her heart. well, that's what she thought at least...


2. First day

Ella's POV

As we arrived to the classroom, I stood and just looked inside the room. It was a beautifully modern room. The desks were in twos in rows. I looked around at all the students in the class. most of them were in a conversation with the person next to them.

"Alright Ella, This is your class. I better head off, See you at the end of period 2" Zoe said.

I watched her as she walked down the hallway before she was out of sight. The Hallway was busy, there were students going to class and frantically getting their books. I suppose I'm going to have to sit by myself now.

" Excuse me, but are you going to stand in the door way for much longer? I would really like to get into class," someone said from behind me. I turned around to see a tall girl with long brown hair and green eyes.

"Oh sorry, I'm new here." I explained.

"Clearly" she answered rudely.

I moved out of the way while she went inside the classroom and sat down. I walked in the class. Most seats had been filled. There was a seat next to a red haired girl. She had beautiful big green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

" Hi, I'm Ella, I'm new here. May I sit here?" I asked her.

" Hi Ella, I'm Emily. You sure can. Take a seat" She answered politely.

I sat down beside her. I turned around to face Emily. She smiled, Just as she was about to say something the teacher came in and started class.

" Good morning class. We have a new student today. Her name is Ella. Hi Ella I'm Mr Rachet. Please, Everyone make her feel welcome" He explained as he was patting me on the back.

I sat there embarrassed. He then went on with his lesson. He was very understanding and open to questions. My old teachers were stuck up and rude. I already like this school and it was only half an hour into it.

As classed finished. everyone filed out. Zoe was outside the classroom waiting for me.

"How was your first period of school?" Zoe asked.

" Yeah, it was really good. the teachers are so nice and open" I replied. She looked at me with a surprised look.

"Aren't all teachers?" she asked

"Well, not the ones at my old school. They were so stuck up and rude" I told her.

We started talking about my old school while heading off to my locker. She offered me to hang out with her at recess which I gladly accepted. Then she went to her locker while I headed to mine. She then meet me at my locker.

Before I knew it, it was the bell for the end of the day. Zoe caught up to me and walked beside me to our lockers.

" Hey, so how was your first day?" she asked.

"It was good actually, This school is so welcoming. Most of the students are so nice" I explained.

" Well that's good. Hey, what are you doing now? as in after school? Me and a few friends are going down town do you wanna come?" Zoe asked.

" Nothing really. Sure I would love too. I'll text mum so she knows I'll be late home" I said.

"Cool. Meet you at your locker" She said before departing to her own locker.


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