The girl with the Teal hair

This is about my past life basically and how I was bullied... with a few improvements.


5. I'm hurting in ways you don't understand

Alanna's POV




I sent Jade to the shower while I picked out her outfit. She said they are going on a picnic in the park, so I picked out a white t-shirt that says 'Haters gonna Hate', knee length jean shorts, and white flip-flops.

"What did you pick out for me- OH MY GOSH that is cute!!!!!!!" Jade said as she came into the room with a robe on.

"Yeah I got everything that looked cute in your closet" I said

"Shut up, I have cute clothes" She said getting the clothes off the bed," You know, you should be with Griffin. I think he likes you" She said heading into the bathroom.

"Um yeah right, cause I will TOTALLY date that kid" I said. Please note my sarcasm.

"I'm serious"

"I am too"

"Why can't you just let go of the past, I mean, you were bullied like 3 years ago for crying out loud!!! Why can't you just let it go?" She said coming out of the bathroom and sat down at her makeup table and started doing her makeup.

'I just can't. I'm hurting in ways you don't understand." I said with my voice breaking. I was almost in tears

Jade turned around and saw me almost crying. " Oh COME ON!!! Why are you crying now?! I didnt say anything to hurt you. Jeez, stop being a cry baby"

When she said that, my tears were gone and I just got straight up angry

"THAT'S WHAT ALL THE KIDS USED TO CALL ME. YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HARD, JADE? DID YOU RUN AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY WANTING TO KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD NO OTHER ESCAPE? NO, I DON'T THINK YOU DID!"  I screamed at her. I was so hurt by all those kids who bullied me and called me a cry baby. I would cry because I got bullied everyday and I couldn't tell my parents about it, the teachers wouldn't do anything, so it just kept happening.

I really felt like killing myself because I couldn't take it anymore, instead I just ran away.I didn't take any belongings, I didn't even tell my parents about anything. I don't think they miss me because people would be serching for me and I wouldn't be here.

At least I wasn't bullied at my school" She said applying lipgloss,"My life may seem easy to you, but it's very hard for me"

"You know what. I'm done with this crap. I'm done with my life right now. Bye." I said walking out of her bedroom and down the stairs to the front door

"Woah, wait where are you going? You need to help me prepare for my date!" She yelled out the door.

"Your date, your problem. Goodbye" I said turning around and walking down the street to go to the other side of town.



When I got to the other side of town, I went to the only place I could think of.

I rang the doorbell of a blueish house. I heard footsteps getting louder inside the house.


"Hey Dylan" I said looking down so he wouldn't see that I was crying

"What's wrong? He asked. I just shook my head.

"Who is it Dylan?" A lady( I'm guessing his mom) askes

"Uh, just a friend" He said back, grabbing my hand and pulling me up to his room," Don't come up in my room mom, ok?"
"Ok" She said

"What's wrong Alanna?" He asked putting his hands on my shoulders

"I-I- Jade- she-" That's all I could get out until I broke down and sobbed into my hands.

"Hey, it's ok" Dylan said pulling me onto his bed with him. He looked me in the eye and said," Tell me what happened"

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