The girl with the Teal hair

This is about my past life basically and how I was bullied... with a few improvements.


7. Forgive and Forget

Alanna's POV

When I got home it was about 9'oclock. Mom was doing the dishes and didn't even notice me and sophie was playing with barbies on the floor. I went up to my room and locked myself in.

I flopped on my bed looking at my ceiling.

I should paint my ceiling, it looks boring. I thought

Why am I like this?

I want food.

Does Dylan really think of me?

I wonder what Dylan is doing?


I sighed and rolled off my bed and grabbed a box from under my bed.

I opened it and grabbed a crunch bar then slide it back under my bed and sat on my bed.




God! I need to stop thinking about him!

I got up off my bed, took a shower, got my pj's on, and got in bed.

I was getting sleepy and was about to go to sleep when one last thought came into my head


I love Dylan.






          Hey, sorry it took sooooooooooooooo long to update, I just have had a lot of things going on and I couldnt find time to write (and sorry that it's so short). I just want to tell you that this "Dylan" is a actual boy I like... but his name isn't Dylan. I hope you guys like this book and it isn't getting to cheezy or anything.


To all my fans,


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