The girl with the Teal hair

This is about my past life basically and how I was bullied... with a few improvements.


3. Dylan

I ran all the way across town wanting to get away from him and all of the memorys. I slowed down and leaned against a wall to catch my breath.

" Hey whatcha doin' on this side of town? Thought you'd never come here." Said a familiar voice.

"Go away Dylan, I don't want to talk to you right now" I said maybe a little to harshly.

"Alanna, all I was asking was what are ya doing on this side of town, cause you never come here" He said coming over to my side

"Well one of my old childhood 'friends' came back into my life, and I thought I would never see any of them again!" I said, basically yelling at that point

"Oh...So from Wisconson?" He asked

"Yeah" I said leaning my head on his shoulder

"What are going to do? I mean, you can't avoid him forever, you need to face him sometime"

"Yeah I know, just not today, at least not in this month, or year, or 5 years"

Dylan just made one of those, I give up, noises and looked at me.

"I think I should dye my hair blue, like yours, and we can be matching" He said while laughing and smiling.

"Ha ha ha no. And it's teal, not blue" I said rolling my eyes.

" I just need everything to stop coming back. I'm tired of my life, I'm tired of dealing with bullies, I'm tired of EVERYTHING!!" I said

" I know. But you'll be fine, I mean look at you!", He said gesturing to me," You're like IMPOSSIBLE to effend and hurt!"

" Ya thats cause I had practice on your little brother"

"Ahh. Jackson is such a little brattwerp thing" He said, scrunching up his face. I couldn't help but laugh cause his face was hilarious! He looked exactly like Jackson when he does that, and that's why it's soo funny.

As soon as we stopped laughing, we looked into each others eyes and started to lean forward. When we were centimeters apart, my phone rang, making up both jump back in suprise.

"Crap, sorry" I said with an apologetic look

" That's ok", He said, scraching the back of his neck," I have to go anyway. See you later?" He asked

"Yeah sure" I said smiling. as soon as he left, I answered my phone.

"WHAT?!?!" I said through gritted teeth

"Woah, sorry there miss grumpy pants! I called to see where you are, cause after you left Griffin and I talked for 20 minutes and I went to your house but you weren't there and so I started to look in different neighborhoods, but I couldn't find you." She said, sounding slightly worried

" Oh sorry, I went to the other side of town and ran into Dylan"

"Oooooohhhh, how was it!!!?!??!"

" It was fine. We were about to kiss when YOU CALLED AND INTURRUPTED US!"

"Well sorry!!! Just come back please?"

"yeah I'm on my way back" I said hanging up the phone and started to walk home.

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