The girl with the Teal hair

This is about my past life basically and how I was bullied... with a few improvements.


2. Coming back to haunt me

I was walking down the street with my best friend, Jade, talking about how she is going to open a bakery when she is older.

"It's going to have cupcakes, cakes, scones,homemade doughnuts- OH MY GOSH that boy walking is so cute!" Jade squealed in my ear.

"OW! You do know I have an ear there right?" I said covering my ear with my hands.

"Sorry I just got excited. Oh I forgot to ask, are you still having nightmares?"

"Yeah, but I dont want to talk about it right now."

"Ok. I'm going to talk to those boys over there." She said pointing at the boy we saw earlier."You want to come?"

"Uh..." I said knowing she wants me to go,"Sure why not."

"Yay!" She squealed.

'Haha just don't get too excited"

We started walking over to the boy. When we got in earshot Jade started to talk," Hey! I'm jade! I dont think I've seen you around here before? What's your name?"

"Uh yeah I just moved here from Wisconson. My name is Griffin." He said

"Hi griffin I'm Jade, as you already know, and this is my best friend, Alanna"

She gestured to me and I just stood there shocked.




"Griffin past the ball!" A kid named Ethan said from the feild. I guess they're playing soccer.

" Fine just don't punt it over the fence again!" Griffin said

"GOOD LUCK GRIFFIN!!!" Some girl named Lauren yelled from the side of the feild.She is part of a "popular group". I wish I was popular and not some weirdo, shy girl.

" Alanna what are you doing here."Lauren said as she came up to me, with her little "possy" behind her.

" I'm watching them play soccer." I simply said back

"You do realise that none of those boys are going to fall in love with you right?"

"Uh yeah I know"

"Well good. I didn't want you to think that Griffin is going to go for someone other than me" She said flipping her hair behind her.

"Why don't you just leave us alone Alanna." One of the girls named Makenna said.

"I didn't think I was bothering anyone.You came up to me!"

"Whatever Alanna" The other girl said. Her name was Josie.

I was almost at tears then, i got up and started to walk away when I heard one of the girls say,

"Cry baby"

Why do people always have to be so mean to me?

----------FLASHBACK END----------


" Alanna? Alanna!" Jade yelled.It Snaped me back to reality and I looked over to Griffin and started to run away.

"Alanna where are you going?!?!" Jade yelled.

"To get away from him!!!" I yelled back, pointing at Griffin.

I came here to get away from my past, not to come back to it.

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