The End of Days

Experience the last 24 hours, the last day, on earth. This is the story of the end of everything, of the lives and deaths of people caught unaware, unprepared. These are our stories, our last moments and our lost goodbyes.


1. The Last of Us

I heard once that the voices of the ancients were recorded in their pottery, that scientists can use technology to read them, to play them back even now.

If that is true, then maybe someone somewhere will hear this. Maybe someone will one day pick through the scattered remnants of our civilization, find the shattered pieces and play back our screams.

If that is true, if you are listening to me now, then perhaps I should explain. This is a collection of our stories, of the beginning of the end and the few hours that followed, of a few of the lives extinguished.

But I do not expect anyone to hear me, because they are all dead. We are all dead. I am dying too, will be gone soon. So I do not know why I say these things, why I bother. Perhaps I just want to leave something behind, some piece of humanity that cannot be erased in a single moment.

It is almost midnight, the last midnight. I think the greatest tragedy of all is that no one cared enough to watch the last dawn.

I am the last one left now. The world ends with me.

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