One Direction Kidnapped

Just for You Sky :P Oh, and until i fgiure out whether you can link words or not (i.e. - being able to make a word to where when you click on it it will lead you to a picture or etc), the whole "this and that" picture thing won't make sense sowwyyy :)


10. Ya

.          I woke up in the same bed i was knocked out on - - Harry Styles's bed. His front was pressed against my backside, his arm wrapped tight around my waist, his face buried in the crook of my neck. I shifted, struggling to get out of his grip, but he jerked me back, his breath hot at my ear.
        "Don't even try it." he whispers, sending chills down my spine. I struggled more, not wanting to be in his grasp.
        "Let me go!" i whisper sharply, not in the mood to yell.
        "Not a chance." he says, fighting back roughly and gently at the same time - - he was using his strength but to to the extent. I pushed him away, but his hands were quickly enclosing my wrists, pinning them above me on the pillows as he straddled my hips. I wiggled around a little, trying to get away, but i couldn't. He leans down, leaving a trail of kisses from the corner of my mouth to my jaw bone, just below my right ear.
        "Give up yet?" he asks inbetween randomly placed kisses. I was stretching my neck up, hopelessly avoiding his lips.
        "Yes." i whisper quietly. He grins (THAT'S WHAT HE IS WEARING - - IGNORE THE OTHER STUFF IF YOU WANT) and plants a quick kiss on my lips - surprising me - and jumping off the bed. I ALMOST got up, but i didn't feel any fabric against my legs. Or maybe it was the fact that i felt fabric moving against my leg, which meant nothing else was on it. I peek under the covers, seeing the craziest i had ever worn placed on my body.
        "What the hell is this?!" i yell. "Why do you keep changing me?" i sit up, quickly covering my breasts after noticing that i didn't have a bra on and the outfit was almost transparent.
        "Suiting, don't you think?" he looks back, standing in the doorway of his bathroom. "I thought so. Don't worry, i didn't do anything innopropriate . . . yet." he smirks before going through the door, closing it.

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