One Direction Kidnapped

Just for You Sky :P Oh, and until i fgiure out whether you can link words or not (i.e. - being able to make a word to where when you click on it it will lead you to a picture or etc), the whole "this and that" picture thing won't make sense sowwyyy :)


5. The Fallen

.            James had brought you to your room, or what you assumed was your room anyway, it was the one you woke up in. You were sitting cross-legged on the bed, James almost a mirror of you, right in front of you.
        "So what is all this? What's up with Mitch and-and blood and-"
        "Mitch will come to you. He'll explain what his deal is. As for everything else, Harry and the boys are a gang. I mean, we all are. It's just that we're not the most feared gang. Don't get me wrong, we are feared. But there is one gang above us, who order us." he shrugs.
        "So, what's your scary gang name, huh?" you joke, knowing gangs DID come up with names, they never seemed that great.
        "The Fallen." the name actually schocked you, it wasn't bad. But what gang who wants to be feared would call themselves 'the fallen'? "Mitch is a bit of a dramatic, if i do say so myself."
        "Sounds like it." you say.
        "You seem awfully casual about all this, you know." he says, narrowing his eyes.
        "Oh, i'm screaming my brains out inside, trust me. You just haven't done anything to hurt me. Yet. Harry slammed me into a wall." you say annoyed.
        "I'm assuming you didn't listen to him?" you nod. "Well that's what'll get you there then. Harry does want you for himself, i imgaine."
        "What about Mitch then?" you say. You were confused, assuming Mitch was the one who wanted you.
        "Oh, they both have different needs for you. Harry is more . . . boyfriendish material. Whereas, Mitch, more of a 'la tua cantante' thing, minus the lovey dovey part of course." when he spoke the words you knew had to be italian, he was incredibly fluent with it.
        "And what does 'la tua cantante' mean?" you ask, mimicking his words.
        "That's for me to know, and you to know later." he smirks.
        "Why is it such a big fucking secret? It's not like the world is going to end if you tell me!" you say, even more annoyed.
        "Well, that's not really my prob-"
        "Mitch wants to see her in his room. The boys sent me to get her." Thomas said, coming into the room.
        "Well, dear, looks like your knowledge is coming sooner rather than later." James laughs. "Go with Tom." he pushes you a little as you get up and walk over to Tom. "I'll be here." he says as Tom closes the door, and starts leading you up a flight of stairs.
        "So how are you involved in all this?" you ask him.
        "Well, the boys are me best mates. They took me in when i lost me family."
        "You don't seem like them, you're nicer." you say.
        "Well, thanks." he almost blushed. He really was different. "Here ya are." he smiles, leaving you at a door. after he's gone, the door still hasn't opened.
        "Hello?" you say, your accent echoing off the walls, this was the only door in this area. The door flung open, revealing Mitch. The room beyond him was extremely neat. ( the seventh one down).
        "Hello." he says breazily. "Come in, sit down." he says. he seemed serious and heppy at the same time.
        "So are you going to explain what's going on?" you ask, sitting on the edge of his bed.
        "I can explain." he says. "I can also show you why you're here. For me." he smiles, showing off incredibly sharp teeth.
        "Wha-" you back away, but he's already on top of you, straddling your hips and holding you down, his hand at your neck, pushing your hair aside.
        "Beautiful." he says, and before you knew what was happinging, his teeth were in your neck(YEAH I KNOW IT'S TWLIGHT. BUT YOU GOTTA GO DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE HER DREAM OF HIM BITING HER.). You screamed, the pain almost overwhelming, You tried to push him off, but it only made him bite harder.  You gasped, it felt like you were choking, you could barely breathe. He moaned as he, well, drank your blood.
        "Please! Get off. . ." you said weakly. He groaned and finally came away from your neck, a little bit of blood dribbling down to his chin. He licked it before it could get farther than his tongue could reach.
        "You are a very pushy girl." he says.
        "Yeah, well, it happens when sometimes a person bites YOUR FUCKING NECK!" you almost yell. You still felt weak, but you had a hard head, you couldn't help it. "What next, are you going to rape me?!" you say angrily.
        "Not yet. But if you keep this up, it might be part of your punishment. The boys will handle it though." he smirks, still stradling your hips.
        "So what's so special about me then, huh? Why was i chosen to join your sorry ass love fest?" you prop yourself up on your elbows, you could still feel some blood sliding down your neck.
        "You've got quite a tongue, haven't you? Let's just say, when i saw you, smelled you, i could taste your blood already - - stronger than anyone else i've ever met. Or spied on." he winks. "Don't worry, the boys have kidnapped someone before, you're not that special to them."
        "Clearly I'm special to you." you say, knowing it was true.
        "What are you getting at?" he narrows his eyes.
        "So what if i get myself hurt? Shot? Dead?"
        "You can get yourself hurt. That's bound to happen, anway. But if you even think about putting yourself in a life threatening situation - - you will regret it."

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