One Direction Kidnapped

Just for You Sky :P Oh, and until i fgiure out whether you can link words or not (i.e. - being able to make a word to where when you click on it it will lead you to a picture or etc), the whole "this and that" picture thing won't make sense sowwyyy :)


7. Okay

.           That conversation did not go off to well. They didn't get mad at you, but something in the room shifted, and it seemed unnatural. You didn't know quite what it was. It was awkward and you looked at your hands while Tom patted your slim thigh. It was a kind gesture, not perverse. He wanted to make sure you were okay. You felt unsettled, and you didn't know why.
        "Fine," Louis says, the edge still in his voice. "Harry will mess with your virginity. if that makes you feel better. Which i'm still assuming you are not. And there he is now." Louis looks over to where you remember the front door being. Harry walked through it, a black bag in his hand.
        "What about me?" he asks, looking up after locking the door. He sees you and immediatly his face goes blank. You looked back down at your lap. "Well, hello, Katerina. It's nice seeing you again." he says almost sarcastically.
        "You wanna show her her new room?" Louis asked.
        "Why not? Katerina - - up." he said, as if you were a dog. You hated it. You barely liked him, Sure he may be cute, all of these guys were, but what they were doing was beyond your limits.
        "Oh." you say quietly as you get up. "Bye . . . Tom." you say, you at least trusted him a little bit. You follow Harry to a room that was a few down from the one you had been in. You walked in behind him, and it was a very nice room. It seemed like where you might have a honey moon. Which made you remember this is probably where he will take your virginity.
        "The bathrooms over there. This is girly stuff for you that I'm sure you'll need." he smirks. He throws the bag at the foot of the bed, then grabs your wrist. "Sit here." he says, easily picking you up from under your arms and sitting you on the bed. You let out a little yelp as he did so, as it surprised you.
        "Wait for me to return. Don't move." he says. He leaves the room, you could hear him walking down the stairs into possibly the living room. You waited where you were, afraid if you had moved that you would be hurt by Harry. Again. Two minutes later you hear footsteps ascending. You expected Harry, but instead Tom walked through the door.
        "Are you more of a butler than gang member?" you ask, trully curious. Tom laughs.
        "I don't know, really. Harry sent me to get you changed." he says.
        "Changed? Into what?" you ask. He pauses for a moment. "What?"
        "It's . . . kind of . . . racy." he says, his face turning bright red.
        "How Harry likes his women, I'm guessing?" you ask.
        "Yes. But really, i only will help you get dressed, I promise i won't do nothing to you." he says.

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