One Direction Kidnapped

Just for You Sky :P Oh, and until i fgiure out whether you can link words or not (i.e. - being able to make a word to where when you click on it it will lead you to a picture or etc), the whole "this and that" picture thing won't make sense sowwyyy :)


3. Meeting Everyone

   .                "Parents big fans of The Mortal Instruments or something?" he laughed. One thing you hated about your name was that people always compared it to some girl in that book series. But he got the wrong name.
        "No, and you should check your facts before you use sarcasm." you say, sitting up. You gasp and grab the back of your head. "Holy- ow!" it hurt from where the curly haired boy - Harry - had slammed you against the wall.
        "Yup, definitly gonna have to give you some pain killers. And do explain." he says, curious.
        "Well," you sigh, "Its not the Mortal Instruments, its the Clockwork thing. Infernal Devices. Or something like that." you say, propping yourself up against the headboard. You couldn't believe you were having an almost casual conversation with someone who held you hostage.
        "Ah, one point for you, i see."
        "I didn't mean it like-"
        "NO, no. Time for you to meet the rest."
        "how many-"
        "seven more." he says. "Come on, get up." he tugs on your arms, helping you out of the bed. You weren't wearing your dress from last night.
        "Who changed me?" you ask.
        "Thomas. The puppy looking one." he says.
        James leads you down some stairs after walking you out of the room and past several others. It was a cabin like house. You could already guess where you were. There were about six people sitting on some couches watching t.v in the large living room area where James brought you. ( All of those pics are of the house.)
        They all look at you, one of them getting up and smiling. This must be Thomas.
        "Hi!" he says happily. You guessed they all had English accents.
        "Thomas!" the- Harry says. You take a few steps back, not wanting him to hurt you again.
        "Wha?" his 't' didn't quite reach his lips. "I can't say 'hi'? She's just a girl, me mum tought me to be kind-"
        "Well your mum isn't here, we are." Harry gets up, walking over to you. "Hello, Katerina." he says. "How's your head?" he said it with little interest, clearly not sorry for what he did.
        "Um, it's fine . . . ."  you say, not daring to move.
        "So if i do this, you won't scream?" he grips the back of your head, making you gasp and fall on your knees. "Exactly. Don't lie, Princess." he walks back over to the other five, signaling for them to stand up. "We might as well get greetings out of the way. This is Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Thomas.  And THAT is Mitch." he says as a man walks though  a door that led to a kitchen.
        "Hi." he says bluntly. He had an Irish accent. . (btw its the dude, not the panda) He walks over to you, getting down on his knees to be at level with you. You looked at him, not knowing what he was going to do. He seamed to be searching your eyes for something, for anything. His eyes widened and he backed away, getting back on his feet.
        "I'll be going to my room now." he says, seeming disoriented.
        "What just happened?" you ask after he leaves.
        "Oh! Mitch is-"
        "Shut UP Thomas!" the one who you think was Zayn says.
        "Why can't she know that? i mean come on, what's the point of keeping it from her it's not like it'll hurt her. It's not like he'll hurt her."
        "Because he might be- come with me, she can't hear this." Zayn drags Thomas out of the room, going into the kitchen.

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