One Direction Kidnapped

Just for You Sky :P Oh, and until i fgiure out whether you can link words or not (i.e. - being able to make a word to where when you click on it it will lead you to a picture or etc), the whole "this and that" picture thing won't make sense sowwyyy :)


6. Innocence

.           You had been sitting in what you still assumed was your room, laying on the bed, facing the roof. You hear the door open, and turn your head to see James.
        "Why do always insist on coming in here without knocking?" you ask, sitting up.
        "It is my room." he smirks.
        "Well why the hell am i in YOUR room? What if i don't want to be?" you say.        
        "Don't worry, you won't be seeing much of me or Tom or Mitch. We only come around once every week or so." he says. "Plus, you'll be staying with Harry in his room, you are technically his victim after all." you shiver at the mention of Harry or Mitch.
        "Okay, what the fuck is the deal with Mitch anyway? Vampires? Reality check - - they are NOT real. So why was he sucking blood from my neck?" you ask, angry again.
        "I think you need to come to a certain point in your life where you realize . . ." he pauses, walking over to the door.

                        "Nothing is as it seems."

            ..  ..    ..

        James left after that, leaving you to think in your own mind until Louis showed up at your door. You crawled back on the bed, remembering when he slapped you.
        "I'm not sorry." he says. "You deserved it. But i won't do it again until i have a reason. Now, saying that, you need to get up. Come into the living room." i jump off the bed, hurrying to follow him. Once you get down the stairs, only Liam, Tom, Louis, Niall, and you were down there. Zayn and Harry were no where in sight. "Sit." says Louis.
        "I don't suppose you know why your here?" Louis says, dragging you to sit next to Tom on the smallest couch. Then he goes to sit by the other two on the longer couch.
        "So some creep can drink my blood?"
        "Watch your fucking mouth." Louis spits.
        "Lou!" Niall and Tom say at the same time. Tom laughs, Louis shoots him a look.
        "Sorry . . . ." he says, looking down.
        "You were mainly here because of Harry. He'd had eyes on you for quite some time. Then he brought Mitch along, and Mitch got a whiff of you. Literally. Mitch is . . . one of a kind. We've never met another like him."
        "You mean you've never met another person who thinks their a vampire even though they belong in the loony house?" you say.
        "What did i say? Watch it." Louis says angrily. "It won't be Mitch to mess with your innocence, it'll be Harry, i can tell you that."
        "What do you mean innocence?" you say.
        "What do you think?" Liam says.
        "Innocence." you repeat. "Innocence is a fucking joke. You think it means virginity - which yeah, i don't want to lose - but it doesn't. Innocence isn't something stolen, it slips away. It slips as you realize the truth of things. Innocence slipping away is when you realize daddy fucked mummy and his sperm and her eggs got to know each other, and boop, out comes you nine months later." you say. (BY THE WAY GUYS IF YOU CAN JUST SORT OF IMAGINE HER VOICE IN A SCOTTISH ACCENT IT MAKES IT SOUND SO MUCH BETTER). "Virginity is something else entirely, bub."

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