My Shadow

Her family has always had special abilities but when Shadon gets hers it is a surprise to everyone, will she learn to control her power or will she stay in the dark for eternity.


2. Is it here yet

       Most of my family gets their ability by the time they are 15, but before me their has been one case with my great grandmother, she never got her power. I think that might happen to me because it is only a week until my fifteenth birthday. Nobody has ever gotten their ability after fifteen, but my mom is still hopeful saying that I will get it tomorrow. I don't believe her, but she says a field mouse told her I would. Only my mom could trust a field mouse.

        I really don't care whether or not I get my ability, I would like one , but if I don't get one I won't mind. I don't want my mom to get upset, so I really hope I get one just for her. 

        Every morning since my thirteenth birthday my mom asks me if I feel any different, I never do but I try something outrageous everyday just to show her that I want one. The abilities have to do with the personality of the person and what their hobbies are. I'm quiet and shy, and I love to read so I hope at if I get an ability it will be something like the power to get my sister to be quiet and sit down for once.

        The morning of my birthday I actually feel a little wierd but just dizzy not anything major. I try a little jump, nope, I definitely cannot fly, I see a bird outside my window, I try to talk it, nope, no animal speech. Suddenly I feel the urge to close my eyes, I feel a small gust of wind and I open my eyes and see my shadow right in front of me but it isn't even touching the wall. 

        I rush down stairs to tell Mom and realize that my hamster's chubby shadow is following behind me, but I don't see my hamster. 

        My mom is at the kitchen table crying saying, "She didn't even get her power"

       I can't believe what she is saying, I'm right here Mom I reply, but she doesn't seem to hear or see me. I look down at my hands and realize that I am a shadow, my body is a translucent black, "I must be able to transform into shadows," I think to myself. I run back upstairs to my room but instead of trying to transform I see my body lying on my bed I can tell that I'm not breathing,"I'm dead," I yell knowing no one else can hear me.


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