My Shadow

Her family has always had special abilities but when Shadon gets hers it is a surprise to everyone, will she learn to control her power or will she stay in the dark for eternity.


3. I Can't

       I sob translucent ebony tears for over an hour, but nobody comes to comfort me and I can't comfort anyone else, particularly my mom, which I know this is hard on. 

       I don't know what happened or how it happened but I have resolved to figure this out. I search my room for clues on how I died, that is when I realized, not one movie I had seen or book I had read had black ghosts, then I remember when I woke up I was still me but my shadow wasn't on the wall in front of me, it was standing beside me. I do have my ability it just had a sort of side effect, that's got to be what happened. My ability must be to create and control shadows.

        I rush down stairs to tell mom whatI have figured out, only to remember that she can't hear or see me. There must be some way to communicate to her. I think of a crazy idea but it has to work. I remember my moms favorite animal, the rabbit, I forget everything but that animal, I picture it clearly in my head, then I put all my willpower into creating a rabbit's shadow. I open my eyes but only see my mom still sobbing. I try again, this time harder and this time I even imagine the feel of it. When I open my eyes this time I see a dark three dimensional rabbit silhouette in my hand. 

      I imagine it hopping around my mother's head and it does just that. My mom looks up from her little puddle on the table and at first I wonder if she saw my signal, but I see a slight smile on her face. Now, I know that she knows I'm here. She whispers," Shadon." I reply with the shadow of a heart. She sees that too! She is now positive that I am here. I force myself to be seen. I think she sees but only for a second. I feel real again for only a short amount of time.



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