Please Stay

Scarlett is an 18 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. She runs away to find a place where she can feel loved. Will this new guy she met be the one?


3. The surprise

When we got to the hospital, I felt sort of dizzy. I hadn't thought of how much blood I had lost. I instantly fell getting out of the car. I felt Niall's arms wrap around me before everything went black.

I didn't know where I was when I woke up. Everything was all blurry. When my vision cleared up, I saw five boys just standing right in front of me. I backed away, thinking of what they were going to do to me.

"Excuse me, Ms. Lovegood, may I ask what happened to you." the nurse asked.

"Well... I was at my house.... with my father when he threw me in a room. He was very abusive, which I....umm... would perfer not to get to right now. I decided I couldn't live with him anymore, so I opened the window and jumped. I thought he had thrown me in my room on the first floor at first, but it was a new room. Guess I should have been more observant. I limped to the park, which is really close to my house.That is where Niall found me." I told the nurse. Tears were streaming down my face. This was the first time I could cry. If I cried at home, My father would get out his whip.

The nurse led the boys out of the room where I was in. All of a sudden, the curtain opened again. It was my father.

"YOU THOUGHT YOU CAN GET AWAY FROM ME YOU NO GOOD, FILTHY BITCH!" He screamed."I HEARD YOU FALL! HOW DARE YOU TRY AND GET AWAY!" He yanked me up by my hair and threw me to the ground. He kicked me until blood was all over the floor. Again, I passed out.

Now you know her story of why she left in the first place. BWE :3

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