Please Stay

Scarlett is an 18 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. She runs away to find a place where she can feel loved. Will this new guy she met be the one?


6. Leaving and reading

I've been in the hospital for a long time now. Who knows how long it has been? Niall has visited everyday since, well, the incident. We haven't really talked, but when we did it was awkward. Finally, the nurse came to say it was time to leave.

"Where do I even go?" I questioned after the nurse left. "I can't go back I just can't!"

"You can come with me. I have room." Niall said.

"No I can't, you gone through too much trouble."

"I want you to come. Its not going to trouble me." He told me. I gave in. I mean where else would I go. I grabbed my crutches and we headed out to the car.

When we got to his house, I sat down. I front of me was a book. I picked up the book and just stared.

"I... I can't read." I said embarassed. "I was homeschooled, when I was in second grade. My mom was teaching me how to read and write. We found out that I had dyslexia. She said she was going to help me as much as she could. Then a few weeks later, she was walking home from the coffee shop when she got hit by a car. My dad then started to abuse me. He blamed me for some reason."

"You want me to help teach you. We can start tomarrow, but first you need some rest." he helped me up and brought me to his room.

"Where will you sleep?"

"Couch." He replied and then left without another word.

Instead of writing every other day. Im going to write once a week. I have this play that I am in and Acting classes to go to. So it will either be on Mondays or Sundays. Bwe :3

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