Never the same!

"Get to know me, one dance i promise it will be worth you while" those words rang in the back of my mind. How could 14 words change my life forever. Mandy was always just a normal girl until her 20th birthday party when she met 5 guys who would change her life, but which one would change it forever?


9. The truth

Two weeks latter

Mandy’s P.O.V

The boys from One Direction still had not left me alone, and now it went from meeting only two to all five. Two weeks I had been in this stupid hospital and two weeks I had been stuck with 5 boys asking me if I remembered. Apparently I was dating Zayn, I was pregnant with his baby, and I have lost the last two years of my memory. Well at least that’s what the boys had told me. It all seems to be true except the Zayn being my boyfriend part, he didn’t act like he cared about me much. He never came around anymore, he got released last week and since then I haven’t seen him. If anyone was my boyfriend it was Niall, he always stayed the night here, he rarely left my bedside, he was always asking if I needed anything, and out of all of them he was the only one who understands me. Niall was nice, sexy, sweet, caring, he was everything I had ever looked for in a guy, but I was dating his best friend according to everyone else. I knew I was pregnant because of the little baby bump started showing about three days ago, once the bump started showing I started having these weird dreams, well either they were dreams or memories. I just wanted to remember everything it’d be so much easier. “Manddyyy” Niall waved his hands in front of my face knocking me out of my thoughts.   “Yeah Niall?” “I’m taking you home today so get up and get ready.” He looked at me and winked, he was so cheesy sometimes. I got up and walked over to the bag that Louis has brought me a couple of days ago, and grabbed out a dress that was a baby blue. I had forgotten I had this dress, I usually wore heels with it but taking previous situations into mind I settled for a pair of sandals instead.

“Niall can you go out for a second so I can change?” Niall got up and walked into the hallway I quickly got changed and braided my hair, I figured since I was going home I’d take a shower later tonight. I grabbed all of my bags and things and walked over to the door opening it “Waohhhh, hold on princess let me grab some of those.” Niall ran over to me and quickly lifted all of the bags out of my hands. He was so considerate it was adorable, and when he called me princess that made things so much better. I wasn’t quite sure, but I think I was starting to like Niall. I mean he was the only one who was around 24/7, he was the only one who really ever asked if I needed anything, he was so sweet and kind, it was like he cared so much for me, and when it came to the baby he was trying to feel it move. He would make the perfect husband and father someday, he really would. As we walked to his car I noticed Zayn standing next to a different car watching us. “Ni what’s he doing here?” I didn’t really mind him being here, I mean supposedly we were dating and he was the father of my baby, but he was never around so I just wanted to know. “Uh..hh uh.. I forgot to tell you. He’s taking you out before you go home… sorry.” Niall gave me a pouty face and loaded my things into his car. “I promise he won’t do anything to hurt you, he’s going to bring you home later and then we can watch movies all night long okay sweet cheeks?” I nodded my head and turned to Zayn who was now looking down at his phone. Niall grabbed my hand and walked me over to him, I stood in front of him and he just looked at Niall. Niall nodded and walked away “Hey doll.” Zayn looked at me and smiled. This was going to be one awkward day.

Zayn's P.O.V

I waited outside the hospital for Niall to bring her out. I hadn’t seen her in about two weeks, it was hard to look at her. She didn’t remember who I was or anything about our baby, nothing it all slipped her mind and it was all my fault. I heard a faint laugh and I looked up and saw her, there stood my beautiful girlfriend and she looked amazing. I was just staring at her in shock as to what I had made mine, when she looked over I grabbed my phone and started playing a game I didn’t want her to know I was staring at her. After Niall put her things into his car they walked over to me hand in hand, I didn’t feel right that should be me. She was my girl and he didn’t need to be holding her hand, they stood in front of me and I looked up at Niall nodded to him to leave. As he walked away she took hold of that scared look she had when I first met her, it was silent I had to speak “Hey doll.” She looked at me with fear and I hated myself for it. “Urgg just get in the car.” Shit I didn’t mean to say that in a mean way, but it came out sharply. “I’m sorry Mandy I didn’t…” “I hope you don’t think you can just say whatever you want to me. Your not my boss and never will be.” She was mad I didn’t mean for that to come out like that it just happened. I wasn’t trying to boss her around I just hate that look she kept giving me. “Mandy, it wasn’t ment to come out like that, you just don’t understand” I turned to walk to my door “I don’t understand. I DON’T UNDERSTAND ZAYN! NO WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS HOW IN THE FLIPPING WORLD I HAD SEX WITH YOU AND HOW THERE IS A BABY INSIDE OF ME. WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS HOW YOU CAN SAY THAT YOU’RE MY BOYFRIEND, BUT YOU CANT EVEN COME AND CHECK ON ME OR YOU CHILD. WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS WHY NIALL IS MORE OF A FUCKING BOYFRIEND TO ME THAN YOU.  And that’s shameful you’re the one who is supposed to be doing what he is doing.” She was screaming at me. I turned around and walked closer to her, what hurt the most was that she didn’t understand that I was staying away to keep her safe. “Doll its not what you think, you just need to calm dow…” I stepped closer to her to where our bodies were touching “CALM DOWN?!! I’LL CALM DOWN WHEN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU DON’T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT ME OR…”

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