Never the same!

"Get to know me, one dance i promise it will be worth you while" those words rang in the back of my mind. How could 14 words change my life forever. Mandy was always just a normal girl until her 20th birthday party when she met 5 guys who would change her life, but which one would change it forever?


10. No Niall

Mandy’s P.O.V

“CALM DOWN?!! I’LL CALM DOWN WHEN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU DON’T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT ME OR…” I was cut off by Zayn smashing his lips onto mine. I tried to pull away, but he cupped my face with both of his hands. His lips were so soft and after a few seconds I was pulled in and the next thing I know I was kissing him back. The kiss was strong and passionate, he grazed his tongue on my bottom lips asking for entrance which I had no objections to. Our kissed got heated up quickly and Zayn had now pushed me back to where my back was on his car, I was about to pull away when suddenly everything came back. Everything, my birthday party, meeting Zayn, our sex, the argument, the crash everything was back, and I hated him. I yanked away “Get. The. Hell. Away. From. Me.” “Mandy what’s wrong” “WHATS WRONG? YOU ALMOST KILLED ME AND MY BABY!!” I turned to walk back into the hospital when Zayn pulled me around into a tight hug “Baby girl you remember?” “ZAYN GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!!!!!!” he let go of me and I looked at him “I’ll get off and ill keep my distance, but Mandy over my dead body will I hurt you ever again” a tear left his eye and once again I saw my sweet Zayn. I looked down at the floor and noticed my belly had gotten bigger. I placed my hands on my stomach and smiled. Zayn came up from behind me and whispered in my ear “Baby that’s ours.” I turned around to face him and smiled. Of course I was still mad at him, but I couldn’t be without him. I needed him, well the baby and I both needed him. But I had realized I had a huge choice to make. “Zayn, go away.” I turned and walked into the hospital. I asked to use the and phone since mine was in Zayn’s car

M: Niall, come and get me im at the hospital and I need to go home.

N: where’s Zayn,

M: Why would you let me get into a car with him, knowing what he almost did?

The line went silent for a second

N: don’t leave I'm on my way.

I hung up the phone and sat in the waiting room for Niall to come. About an hour later I heard yelling and screaming from outside. I looked out the window and saw Niall and Zayn screaming at each other, I jumped up and walked outside.
        Z: She’s coming with me Niall, she’s my girlfriend and that’s my baby.
            N: Now that she remembers everything I’m not letting her get into the car with you!
Zayn turned around and punched his car. Niall grabbed his shoulder trying to talk some since into him. “Zayn, do you really want her to end up like Perrie?” I walked closer to them and stood there watching. Nobody was saying anything they were just standing in silence “Niall?” I called his name I wanted to go home. They both spun around and looked at me with wide eyes. “Hey cupcake, uh I was just letting Zayn know that I’m taking you home.” Zayn’s face grew angry again. “How about we let her decide Niall, Mandy would you like to come home with me or Niall?” I didn’t know what to say I couldn’t believe he was actually going to make me choose. How could I, I loved Zayn but Niall has been there for me when he wasn’t. Not to mention what if Zayn crashed again he gets angry to quickly, I had to make a smart decision I wasn’t just choosing for me I was also choosing for my baby. I looked at Niall then Zayn then back again. “I’m sorry…..Zayn” I turned and walked to Niall’s car. I sat in Niall’s car thinking about what I just did, it’s not like I never want to see Zayn again I just need time.  I looked out the window and Zayn was crying, I felt bad but at the same time I have to do this. I heard Zayn yelling at Niall so I rolled my window down a little bit. “NIALL JUST TAKE HER AND GO, SHE DOESN’T WANT ME I FUCKED UP AGAIN!” Niall just stood there speechless I couldn’t listen anymore, I rolled the window up and just as I did that Niall got in the car. “Ready?” I didn’t say anything back I just buckled my seat belt and laid my head against the window. It was about an hour drive back to my house, so I decided to take a nap.

Zayn’s P.O.V

She chose Niall over me. She chose my best mate over her boyfriend. What the hell is wrong with her? Maybe she’s just confused right now. I decided that I was going to go over and talk to her later, but first I had some things I needed to do to calm my mind. I got in my car and drove to my friend mike’s house, he had always been my hook up before and I haven’t needed anything in a while, but Mandy is only bringing my needs back. I got out of my car and walked up his driveway. Just as I was about to knock Mike opened the door “Zayn, Zayn, Zayn I thought you’d be coming back sometime soon, you know you really shouldn’t make yourself so distance from me. You had me quite worried for a while, but then I saw you and your dear Mandy have a fight and I knew you’d show up here.” I looked at him blankly he had been watching me, Mike doesn’t just watch people for no reason he needs something from me, the question here is what did he need? “Well don’t just stand there Malik, come in!” he moved aside so I could enter his home. He shut the door and slowly walked behind me, we walked into the living room or as he called it his business room. “I see you haven’t changed much around Mike.” “Enough with the small talk Zayn, let’s talk business.” We both sat down opposite from each other. “I need about an ounce of weed.” “Woah, now what does Mr. Malik need with so much of my precious merchandise?” “Since when did you start playing twenty questions Mike, I have the money for it don’t worry about what I’m doing with it.” “Calm down there boy, I have something you want you have something I want. You see it just so happens that there is a few people I need silenced and you happen to be one of my best men, so you do me a favor I do you one and more.” “I didn’t come here for your little deals, and the last time I checked I quit..” “OHHH yes now Ms. Mandy comes into the equation” “YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!” “AHH protective are we, well I would supposed since she’s carrying you baby, now we wouldn’t want anything to happen to her and that poor child would we?” I sat there in silence I knew how he worked, either you do what he says or he killed anything and everything you loved. “Zayn, I’m going to make a deal with you, just teach them a lesson, you don’t have to get rid of them just let them know their not to mess with me again. What do you say Malik, for old times sake?” I pulled my money out of my pocket, if I wanted my stuff and Mandy’s safety I was going to have to take his offer, even if it killed me. “I’ll do it just give me my stuff and text me the information.” He handed me the stuff I paid for and I got up and walked out, leaving nothing but silence behind me.    


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