Never the same!

"Get to know me, one dance i promise it will be worth you while" those words rang in the back of my mind. How could 14 words change my life forever. Mandy was always just a normal girl until her 20th birthday party when she met 5 guys who would change her life, but which one would change it forever?


7. All over again

Mandy's P.O.V

"Just sit there and shut up!" his words were sharp like knives. I looked over at him and his knuckles were turning white from griping the steering wheel. He had a vein popping out of his neck, how did my sweet loving Zayn turn  into this evil pissed off guy? Not only was he super pissed, but he was speeding and I was terrified out of my mind. "Zayn please slow do..." "I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Now he was out of his mind, he was driving crazy and he was yelling at me "ZAYN SLOW THE HEC...."

Niall's P.O.V

I was in the middle of playing the station with the boys, Zayn was out with his new girl so we were just hanging around at my place. My phone started ringing and I shushed the boys quite "Hello?"

"Niall Horan?"

"This is him, may I ask who is calling?"

"This is Dr.Cofex, we just brought your friends Mr and Mrs. Malik into the hospital, they were in a car accident. Mr. Malik is requesting you could you please come down here?"

"OMG sure thing im on my way now"

I hung up the phone in shock to the news I was just told. "I have to go guys, Zayn was in a accident with his girl. I have to go now!" They all started to look at me with curious  expressions "DONT JUST STAND THERE HELP ME FIND MY KEYS!" I started running around my house looking for my car keys. They were no where to be found, I couldn't watch Zayn go through what he went through with Perrie. I stopped and a few tears ran down the side of my face, Zayn was like a brother to me I felt the pain he was going through. Louis grabbed me and pulled me into the living room, "Niall, calm down I'm sure he's fine." I looked up at Lousi "Its not him i'm most worried about" I pushed past him spotting my keys on the counter, just as I reached the door Harry spoke "If not him then who?" By the time I brought myself to answer all the boys were surrounding me. I turned to face Harry, "She's pregnant, Zayn's girlfriend was pregnant." I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door to my car, started it and pulled off. When I got to the hospital I asked a nurse which room Zayn was in, she showed me to the room leaving me to walk in by myself. "Niall!!"  walked into the room more and saw a very beat up and bruised Zayn. "OMG Zayn what happened." I walked to his bed side and grabbed his hand, "I'll be fine just a few scratches.. " Just then th doctor walked in. "Is she going to be okay." Zayn spoke with a sorta regret in his voice. Did he cause this? this is how he was with Perrie. "I'm sorry sir i can only give informatio to family." "THAT"S MY FUCKING WIFE IN TH..." He was review the accident  with Perrie, those exact words came out of his mouth when the doctor told us Perrie had lost the baby. I had to find out what was wrong with her "Doctor could i speak to you outside?" The doctor and I walked outside the room and I had to think quickly on my feet "I'm her brother, and our mother is worried sick about her. Could you please tell me whats going on" I had gotten very good at lying over the years. "Well sir, she has lost her memory. She can't seem to remember anything from the past two years. She will gain her memory back, but it may take a while. I mean it could happen at anytime between now and next year" "And how.... how about the baby." my fingers were crossed. "The baby is fine, they were very lucky this baby was still very young so the sack surrounding it was thick and hard." I let out a huge sigh of relief "Can i see her?" The doctor nodded and I walked into the girl's room. As i walked further in I saw small aspect of this girl, she seemed so familiar. She turned over "Who's there?" I froze in shock "Mandy?"

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