Niall, she's yours

Samantha and Niall had broken up years ago, before she could tell him she's pregnant.

Years later she leaves their daughter with him as to she has cancer and might not make it.

Will Niall step up to the plate? Will he love her as much as Sam loves her? Will he be a good dad?

Ps. I think my blurb is shitty but yeno give my story a chance


3. chapter 3: telling him

I didn't notice I had fallen asleep at the table till I heard Andrea crying and calling for daddy, it took me a moment to remember that I'm daddy. I bolted up the stairs and into my room to see Adrianna sitting up and looking around for me.

"Princess, daddy's right here" I said softly climbing into bed beside her. "What's wrong??" I questioned stroking her hair when she put her head on my chest.

"I had bad dream" she said sniffling.

"It's okay now, daddy's here" I said.

"I can't sleep" she said a couple minutes later, looking up at me.

"Want me to sing you a song?" I asked with a smile out stretched on my face.

"Yes please" she said snuggling back into my chest. I started to sing little things and by the end of the song I heard her soft snores fill the room and I decided to go to sleep myself.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy" I heard someone say poking my face repeatedly, I just swatted away the hands and snuggled back into my blankets.

"DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" She started to scream and jump on my bed, I grabbed her hands and pulled her down to me, causing her to giggle.

"What do you think your doing" I said tickling her after a bit I stopped tickling her.

"I hungry" she stated crossing her arms.

"Yes princess, food shall await us in the kitchen!" I exclaimed picking her up and running down stairs. I set her down on the counter. "What would you like??" I asked her

"Hmmm waffles!" She exclaimed.

"How about we get you ready and we get Harry to make us waffles??" She slowly crossed her arms being all sassy "his are the best" I reasoned with her.

"Okay" she sighed putting out her arms for me to pick her up. I grabbed my phone and texted the boys to come over. I took Andrea up stairs and started to get a bath ready for her.

"Bath time!" I exclaimed once the bath was full with bubbly water, I plopped her in and got her all clean. I heard my front door open knowing the boys were here. I emptied the bath and took her out.

"I'll be right back okay??" I told her.

"Okay!" She nodded her head.

I made my way down stairs and looked for Harry to ask him to make some waffles. I heard little giggles and the sound of little feet running.

"Harry make waffles!" I yelled as I tried to follow the sound of the feet.

"Sure man" I heard Harry yell back.

"Andrea! Come here" I yelled looking everywhere for her.

"Ha! She's over here" I heard one of the boys yell from the Living room

"No, u don't tell!" I heard her say exasperated.

"Sorry girly, but ur naked" I heard zayn say as I walked thorough the doorway. I picked her up and walked up stairs.

"I told you I would be right back" I said scolding her lightly. I set her down and dressed her in a yellow butterfly dress and white leggings, I just brushed her hair seeing as I don't know how to do girls hair.

I took her down stairs to see that the waffles were done.

"Yay, food!" She yelled clapping her hands causing us all to laugh. Yup she is just like me.

"What do you want on it?" I asked

"Whip cream, butter, syrup and chocolate syrup!" She listed off using her fingers

"Your going to be bouncing off the walls!" I chuckled.

"Will not" she argued back.

"You need two fruits if you want all that on it" I told her

"Do not!" She yelled back

"Okay then just a plain waffle" I said trailing off.

"Fine, fruits" she muttered

"Strawberry, raspberry??" I questioned and she nodded I got her waffle ready for her and slide it over to her.

"Hey guys" I said causing them all to look at me and say their yeahs. "She allergic to coconuts, and Sam said it's really bad" I said slowly "so no coconuts anymore" I heard a few awes but they knew they had too.

"You know we have to tell uncle Simon about this?" Liam said on his phone.

"Yeah, as soon as possible" Zayn pitched in.

"Can we do it today?" I asked quietly

"I'll call him" Liam said walking out of the kitchen.

"How do you think he's going to take it?" I asked staring at Andrea. "What if he doesn't let me keep her" by now I was just freaking out. I was putting so many scenarios in my head I was scared out of my mind.

"Niall calm down" Louis said walking up to me and giving me a big hug "we won't let him do any of that" he said calmly

"Yeah, we got your back" Harry added.

"Thanks guys" I said hugging Louis back. I looked at Andrea to see her face was covered in whip cream, a smile broke out on my face and I knew I had to take a picture.

"He said he'll see us today at half past 3" Liam said sitting down on a stool it was about 2 right now.

"Can you guys watch Andrea?" I asked wiping off her hands and face.

"Yeah sure, can't be that hard" Louis said like it was nothing.

"Princess you're gonna stay down here with your uncles" I said crouching down to her level

"Okay!" She said excitedly.

"Be good" I said kissing her on the cheek and going to get ready.

I walked up to my room and took a quick shower, and got dressed in a red and white tank top, blue jeans and a pair of white converse. I grabbed a pair of sandals for Andrea and went downstairs.

I walked into the living room to see them all watching some kids show, I chucked because they all seem pretty intrigued by it.

"Andrea, let's put ur shoes on" I called out causing her to run over to where I sat down on the couch. I picked her up and put her on my lap to put her shoes on.

"Hey guys we don't have a car seat" I said freaking out a little bit.

"called Paul to pick one up on the way here" Liam said still looking at the screen. We heard a honk outside the house and we all got up to leave, I grabbed mine and Andreas jacket. When we got to the car I strapped her in the car seat and sat down.

"Who's this little cutie?" Paul questioned looking over at Andrea for a second while driving.

"I Andrea!" She exclaimed excitedly. When we got to uncle Simons house we all rushed out and I almost forgot to grab Andrea.

"Guys I'm scared" I said as we walked up to the door.

"It's okay, we got ur back" Zayn told me patting me on the back gently. As the door open revealing uncle simon.

"Hello boys, come in" he said giving me a what the hell look. We all walked into his living room and sat down "who's this Niall?" He questioned as soon as we all sat down.

"Andrea, my uh my daughter" I told him quietly.

"Well, do you understand what kind of toll this could take on your career??" He questioned.

"Yes, I have to take care of her though, she's mine and I need to step up to the plate, I already missed 3 years of her life" I explained, crossing my fingers that he would let me keep her.

"Why do you have her??" I asked really curious

"I can't talk about it in front of her" I said feeling bad

"Do you want to keep her?" He questioned.

"Of course!" I exclaimed.

"You're going to have to tell the public, you can't keep her a secret" he told me and I nodded. "And if she takes a toll on your career you have to pick one, her or your career" he reasoned

"Yeah, of course" I said understanding.

"Hey Andrea, I'm your uncle simon" he said pounding fists with her. "Okay get outta here kids" he said shooing us away, and we all said our goodbyes and got in the car.

"Hey Andrea!" Louis called to her.

"Hey uncle Lou!" She called back giggling.

"I'm going to call you andie!" He said excitedly causing her to make a face.

"Ew boys name!" She complained

"Nope it's not it's spelt girly!" He said back

"Well I like girly" she trailed off "fine" she declared causing Louis to cheer.

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