Niall, she's yours

Samantha and Niall had broken up years ago, before she could tell him she's pregnant.

Years later she leaves their daughter with him as to she has cancer and might not make it.

Will Niall step up to the plate? Will he love her as much as Sam loves her? Will he be a good dad?

Ps. I think my blurb is shitty but yeno give my story a chance


18. chapter 16: set back

"Hi, is this Niall Horan??" The man ask formally and unsure.

"Yes this is him, who is this" I answered slowly.

"Oh right! I'm doctor who" he answered frantically.

"How can I help you??" I questioned awkwardly.

"Jeez I'm so forgetful! I'm Samantha Adams doctor" he laughed about as he told me.

"Is there something wrong with her??" I asked sitting up wide awake.

"I feel like this will be better to talk about in person" he explained.

"Okay I'll come in, when would be best??" I asked running my hands through my hair.

"Anytime you can would be best, sometime soon" he said with a bit of pep to his voice.

"Well I can try to come in later today" I said thinking about the tour.

"That would be perfect!" He exclaimed happily.

"Okay well bye" I said awkwardly, hoping he was done.

"Goodbye" he said hanging up.

"That's was weird" I said to myself as rolled out of bed and walking to the kitchen. As I took the ingredients for waffles out of the cupboards I thought of how to tell simon we had to set back the date of the tour.

"Daddy??" Andie said quietly as she rubbed her eyes walking into the kitchen.

"Hey pretty lady!" I cheered causing her to jump from the raise in my voice.

"You scared me" she breathed out heavily.

"Sorry" I whispered, continuing making the waffles and bacon.

"I smelled bacon" she said blankly, sticking her hand out for a piece.

"Well don't you just have a great nose, buuut you have to wait till breakfast" I said sticking my tongue out.

"Please??" She begged.

"Nope, go watch tv" I shooed her out of the kitchen.

"Fine, you owe me" she pointed at me, glaring.

"Yeah yeah, go away now" I joked turning back to the food. "Andie food" I called to the living a little while after.

"Yes!" She cheered running into the kitchen.

"Okay you stay here and I need to make a phone call" I said as I sat her on the stool and handed her some food, then dialled uncle Si quickly.

"Hello??" He answered after a couple rings.

"Hi, uncle Si" I said with a smile on my face.

"What can I do for you??" He said as I could hear some stuff dropping on the phone.

"We have a minor problem" I said looking around making sure andie wasn't around.

"Oh no" he paused. "What is it" he sighed into the phone.

"I have to go talk to Samantha's doctor at the hospital today" I said sadly.

"Oh my, well I can arrange stuff so we leave tomorrow and not today, I want you to tell me what happens okay??" He said typing away on his computer.

"Thank you so much and I will, bye" I said hanging up then rushing downstairs to check on andie.

"Daddy, I made a mess" she said as soon as I walked into the kitchen.

"Your covered" I said shocked.

"I know, it happened so fast" she shrugged and giggled.

"Well okay, I'm going to get you cleaned up then I'm calling someone to watch you" I said picking her up awkwardly because she was sticky.

"Where are you going??" She demanded as I put her down and ran a bath.

"I have a meeting" I said undressing her and plopping her into the bathtub.

"Can I come??" She asked sweetly.

"No you can't" I said washing her quickly.

"Why not??" She pouted, splashing me.

"It's a private meeting" I said glaring.

"Fine" I said crossing her arms and ignoring me.

"Good" I said finishing up and taking her out of the tub, and drying her off. "Go pick out clothes and I'll call Quinn" I said walking out of the bathroom and grabbing my phone.

"Hey Niall" she said casually as she answered the phone.

"Hey, I was wondering if you were busy today" I asked checking on andie to see if she was getting dressed.

"No not today" she said after a bit of a pause.

"Hold on a sec" I said into the phone. "Andie, come on let's get dressed" I said grabbing out clothes and trying to dress her. "Okay, I was wondering if you could watch andie for a couple hours" I asked politely.

"Well sure, Daniel can have something to do then" she said happily into the phone.

"Okay sounds good, should I drop her off at your place??" I asked relived.

"Uh I'll go to your place" she said quickly and awkwardly.

"Okay, I'll see you soon??" I asked.

"Of course!" She exclaimed into the phone.

"Bye" I said hanging up then rushing to get showered and dressed.

"I'll get it" andie called running down the stairs.

"Hi guys" I said as I walked downstairs. "I'll be back as soon as possible, help yourselves to anything" I rushed out grabbing my keys and jumping in my car.

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